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ES Restaurant

ES Restaurant was inaugurated on 12Th December of 1931, a restaurant out of ordinary routine, with a dining room that reproduces, in its moth, the warm comfort of the XVIII century residences, not missing, under the paneled ceilings, the ornamental strength of the old national faience and the bright ceramic wainscoting, imitating the school of Delft, whose tiles stand out for the extraordinary beauty.

The restaurant ES Restaurant has many stories and innumerable moments since its opening, including the first restaurant to obtain two Michelin stars in 1936. It is in this beautiful  space that you can delight in the unique flavors of the gastronomy of Porto where we recommend Tripas à moda do Porto, the Codfish, the Tornedó or the variety of Cataplanas.

From the selection of the products, through the confection and the art of well serve everything we do to provide you with an excellent meal.

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