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Portugal and Spain Deluxe introduces you to the best places to visit in Portugal and Spain while indulging you in the ultimate levels of personal and attentive service.


Our experienced team of luxury travel advisors carefully personalizes your Portugal and Spain vacation, attending to party interests and needs. 


Pamper yourself with lavish and sumptuous accommodation, tasteful and unrivaled gastronomy, and premium-quality Portuguese and Spanish wines, and be escorted by informative and educational guides. 

Learn about Portuguese cultural heritage, assist Flamenco performance, storytelling, and luxury products that showcase Portugal and Spain traditions.


What is Portugal and Spain Deluxe?

Portugal and Spain Deluxe is a luxury travel agency passionate about History, Wine, Food, and Jewish Inheritance. Founded in 2003, our luxury travel advisors provide the necessary insights and support during trip planning and reservations.  


Where we Are

  • Portugal mainland;
  • The Azores;
  • Madeira;
  • Spain.

What We Do

  • Personalized Tours;
  • Hotel and Villa reservations;
  • Transportation with Private Driver;
  • Tour Guide Private Visits;
  • Private River & Ocean Cruise;
  • Wine Tasting at Wine Lodges & Estates;
  • Cooking Classes;
  • Synagogue Visit;
  • Tiles Workshops;
  • Bike, Hike, 4x4 Tours;
  • Outdoor experiences;
  • Dinner Events.


Luxury Travel Advisors   

A luxury travel advisor is all one needs to plan a safe, successful, and memorable vacation. It is time to start traveling without any stress or hassle whatsoever! 

Our expert team of luxury travel advisors provides the necessary insight and ensures the utmost comfort and quality during the trip. 

Portugal and Spain Deluxe

Why Portugal and Spain Deluxe?  

Here, you find Portugal's and Spain's top luxury travel advisors, whom you can call and rely on, the most exclusive Portugal and Spain vacations, the best drivers, and the most knowledgeable tour guides to escort you through the best places to visit in Portugal.

With two decades of collected resources, connections, and expertise, we add value to any travel plans and ensure that our travelers are treated like VIPs and get added amenities and benefits.

At Portugal and Spain Deluxe, we partner to help select and personalize the best Portugal and Spain luxury vacation to one's unique wishes and budget. 

Portugal and Spain Deluxe travel experts offer expertise and professionalism.

With us, you can rest assured that you are working with qualified, knowledgeable, passionate travel advisors who are thrilled to have the opportunity to serve you.

  • Portugal's and Spain expert Luxury Travel advisors;  
  • Personalized Tours and Planning;
  • Fast and Easy booking Service;
  • Transparent Pricing;
  • Travel Perks;
  • Insider Knowledge;
  • Obsessed About Quality;
  • Bespoke Services.


Portugal and Spain Deluxe Affiliations 


Portugal and Spain Deluxe is proudly affiliated with key industry organizations recognized as the ultimate luxury travel consortiums in the USA, such as Signature Travel Network, Traveler Made, Altour, Connections Luxury, and XO Private.

Simultaneously, for over 20 years, we supply, travel experiences and tour arrangements to a wide range of Virtuoso, Ltd. luxury travel agencies.



Portugal and Spain Deluxe is a wholly-owned company certified and aligned with the Portuguese Tourism Board, the central public authority in Portugal. It is registered under VAT507382854 and is a registered trademark of Portugal Deluxe, Lda.  


Portugal and Spain Deluxe Partnerships 

For your benefit, we are continuously working to guarantee the service and quality of our partners.  

Our luxury travel advisors select and suggest the best hotels, resorts, villas, certified tour guides, drivers, restaurants, wine lodges, and wineries, amongst other Portuguese and Spanish tourism-related corporations.

Our long-term partnerships enable our team at Portugal and Spain Deluxe to include benefits to our booked reservations, such as:

  • Preferred competitive trade rates;
  • Availability with priority;
  • Portugal's and Spain Best guides and drivers;
  • The most luxurious and comfortable vehicles in Portugal and Spain;
  • Hotel courtesy room upgrades (subject to availability);
  • Complimentary early check-in and late checkout (subject to availability);
  • Exclusive amenities and offers