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Long Stay Holidays often mean ones have time to go on several-day excursions, relax, stay a while and explore at a slow pace. With more time to dig deep into a destination's unique sense of place, our Long Stay Holidays are the perfect way to travel.

Portugal Deluxe Long Stay Holidays is an excellent opportunity to immerse into a different culture and meet the local people.

If you're someone with a flexible life, do not hesitate to contact us and start planning your private Long Stay Holiday in Portugal. 


What are Long Stay Holidays?

Long Stay Holidays is a trip that goes longer than the usual weeklong timeframe. Most Long-stay Holidays we create stretch between nine to fifteen days. However, if you'd like to stay longer, our Portugal Deluxe travel agent will be happy to create vacation packages that maximize your time and experiences. 

During Long Stay Holidays, you have the opportunity to spend time connecting with a place, like a local, experiencing the fantastic food, the culture, the sights, and the people.


Types of Long Stay Holidays

Which type of Long Stay Holidays to choose is always a tricky question! To help narrow down the massive choice of types of holidays in Portugal, ones can select a filter on our travel experiences collection defining their preferences.

If one prefers a personalized service, our travel advisors are here to help to decide on the most suitable choice of Holiday based on the traveler's profile and requirements. 

Due to Portugal's diversity and compactness, we can mix and match different types of tours into a solo Long Stay Holiday, making it the perfect combination of culture, food, and wine, with outdoor adventures and even time to relax and restore energy.

Whatever your preference, we have the ideal Long Stay Holidays.

With so much to explore, linger a little longer under sunny Portugal on your coming Long Stay Holiday!

Long Stay Winter Holidays

Are you looking to escape from damp, cold days and enjoy the over 300 days of sun per year? Do not miss our Long Stay Winter Holidays in Portugal, in the sunny all-year-round Algarve.

Located in the South of Europe, Portugal's temperatures are generally mild, making it the ideal Long Stay Holiday destination, either summer or winter. Of course, spring and summer are the best months to visit Portugal for sea and outdoor activities lovers. 

Nevertheless, winter is the best time for those wishing for fewer tourists and an authentic slower pace in Portugal. The best times for hiking are spring and autumn; during summer, walks could be difficult or unpleasant due to high temperatures. 


Long Stay Summer Holidays

All travelers have different interests. But top-rated Long Stay Holidays destinations tend to have consistently warm weather, lots of local history to discover, great restaurants, a great art scene, and friendly people.

Portugal combines this in nearly 1120 miles of coastline and, including the Azores and Madeira, a total area of about 57,020 sq miles, making it the perfect Long Stay Summer Holidays destination.

The North

The Gulf's currents soften the Porto area's climate further up North. The summers are sunny and pleasantly warm without becoming sweltering hot. In the regions of Porto and Beiras, and particularly further inland towards Spain, the winters are colder than in the rest of Portugal; however, the temperature is still mild compared to the rest of Europe.

It is possible to experience some snowfall in Portugal; however, it is rare and mainly occurs in the Serra da Estrela Mountains in central Portugal, where ones can find the highest point in mainland Portugal.

Lisbon and the Silver Coast

The central regions of Portugal, including Lisbon and The Silver Coast, have a combination of elements from the Mediterranean and Atlantic climates which means mild winters and hot and dry summers.

Especially the inner regions of central Portugal can get very hot during the summer, with temperatures over 30 degrees, whereas a fresh breeze from the Atlantic cools down the coastal areas.

The Algarve

The southern regions of Portugal and the Algarve have an arid and stable climate influenced by the Atlantic and the Mediterranean. The summers are sweltering; however, the constant sea breeze helps keep temperatures at pleasant levels, especially in the Algarve.

The southern part of Portugal is probably one of the sunniest places in Europe, even in the wintertime, making it a trendy Long Stay Holidays destination.


Long Stay Holidays in Algarve

Experience a unique Long Stay Holiday in the Algarve. Anchoring the South of Portugal, the Algarve is renowned for its climate with hot, dry summers and mild winters, cliff-backed beaches, mouthwatering seafood, and six Michelin-starred restaurants. It's also a remarkably easy-going region, with picturesque villages, world-class golf courses, and outdoor activities.

Eight days in the Algarve gives you plenty of time to split between activities and relaxing on the beach.

If you're looking for a more relaxing beach holiday, nine to ten days in the Algarve is a good choice. If the Algarve is a part of a broader Long Stay Holiday in Portugal, we recommend between three and five days.


Long Stay Holidays with Portugal Deluxe

We like to think that staying for an extended period in any destination will give you a deeper appreciation for it. But our most popular Long Stay Holiday destinations in Portugal include the mainland and one of the islands, primarily considered Madeira, for its temperatures and experiences provided.

During our Long Holiday Vacation, we unearth centuries of history and combine it with unique experiences that connect one to the local culture and traditions. 

Follow the grapevine to Porto's bewitching Douro Valley, meander through Lisbon's cobblestone alleys, or discover all the shades of ocean blue in the Algarve. Discover hidden gems, eat fantastic food, and try new things. Rent your own Long Stay Villa holiday with us and cook your meals. Get the chance to shop locally and try fresh ingredients. Feel like a local!

Once you've selected Portugal as the preferred destination for your Long Stay Holidays abroad, contact us to personalize your trip.