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Vila Viçosa
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Luxurious, Design
Distance from Airport
114 Miles (Lisbon International Airport)
Alentejo Marmòris Hotel & SPA

At the heart of Alentejo, 180 Km East from Lisbon and located in the small and historic village of Vila Viçosa, the Alentejo Marmòris Hotel & Spa is one of the most luxurious hotels of Portugal. Exclusive and exquisite.

The Alentejo Marmòris Hotel & Spa offers an atmosphere of comfort and tranquility, genuine hospitality and a range of services designed to provide guests with memorable experiences. An ideal retreat for families or to be your home for a few days during your visit to this beautiful region of Portugal.

The Alentejo Marmòris Hotel & Spa has 44 rooms and suites that are spacious and elegant, inviting to a relaxing stay. Most have outdoor terrace and all have an individual designed marble bathroom, an element that makes this hotel a place of worship of the noblest of all stones.

The Narcissus Fernandesii restaurant offers the best of Alentejo's cuisine, in a contemporary interpretation. Our cuisine promises to open doors to flavours and fragrances never tasted before.

The Stone Spa by Karin Herzog is excavated in a marble quarry with 900 m2. The beauty and the strength of its original walls dripping water and authentic initial formation of small stalactites make its atmosphere absolutely unique. The Stone Spa has 4 treatment rooms, an indoor and outdoor swimming pool, hammam, heated swimming pool with hydrotherapy circuit, including massage beds.

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