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Mar De Ar Aqueduto

This hotel is an adaptation of the old Palace of the Sepulveda family, a building of the XV century, whose magnificent chapel and vaulted ceilings were preserved, as well as a set of three Manueline windows in the main façade.

This amazing boutique hotel, built according to the concepts of modern architecture and design, offers a 220 m2 Spa, 64 rooms and the restaurant Degust’AR, where you can taste the delicacies of Mediterranean cuisine prepared by Chef António Nobre.

Meeting rooms are located in the Palace and through the wings of the old São Manços School. The chapel and adjacent areas offer special conditions for a new concept of social and cultural events up to 200 people.

Aqueduto Evora
Aqueduto Luxury
Aqueduto Portugal
Ar Aqueduto
Ar de Mar
Evora Aqueduto
Luxury Aqueduto
Room Aqueduto
Aqueduto Room
Mar Room
Hotel Mar
Mar Spa
Aqueduto Spa
Spa Aqueduto
Wc Aqueduto
Restaurant Mar
Restaurant Aqueduto
Aqueduto Restaurant
Ar Restaurant
Restaurant Ar
Mar Hotel
Hotel Ar
Ar Hotel
Luxury hotel Mar
Mar Luxury Hotel
Mar Hotel Luxury
Luxury Mar
Mar de Ar
Mar Luxury
Mar Portugal
Évora Luxury Hotel
Portugal Aqueduto
Portugal Mar

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