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Alexandra Machado

Alexandra Machado

Co-Founder & CEO at Portugal Deluxe

Guide to Traveling to the Azores

Traveling to the Azores is to uncover an incredible destination crafted by nature, loved by locals, and respected by visitors. 

Welcome to one of the most sustainable tourism destinations in the whole world!

Located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, the Azores Islands is the first island archipelago in the world to achieve international certification as a sustainable destination by an official entity accredited by the Global Council for Sustainable Tourism.

When Traveling to the Azores you can be amazed by the Azorean lush vegetation, World Heritage sites, flavorful gastronomy, sweet wines, an exceptional array of mineral hot springs, and genuine friendly residents.


Are the Azores Worth Visiting?

Traveling to the Azores should be on your bucket list if you love good food, seek a slow-path life, like authentic people, look for a bunch of great sites to explore by foot, are passionate about history, need a vibrant challenge where to dive or seek for a reinvigorating and restoring travel experience. 

The Azores is worth visiting even if you are looking for something other than active experiences. Traveling to the Azores can be energetic and refreshing, challenging and relaxing, shocking and tranquilizing. 


What is the Best Time to Visit the Azores?

Deciding when to travel to the Azores is a trade-off of several factors.

Are your dates flexible? Are you budget-sensitive? When does it rain the most? What about the temperatures? When is the best time for Whale Watching? When do flowers bloom? When do I get better flight connections? 

There are a few critical considerations while deciding what is the best time to visit the Azores. Nevertheless, the most popular season is from April to October. 

If you want to optimize your budget, you should refrain from traveling to the Azores during the peak season (June to September). Summers tend to be busy, and consecutively rates tend to be higher. 

Weather-wise, the Azores presents a unique climate that makes it an appealing destination, even during winter. It typically spans from December to February and is characterized by milder temperatures than other European and North American winter climates. 

The average annual temperature in the Azores region is 18 degrees Celsius. It is highest in August, at 23 degrees Celsius, and lowest in February.


Often overlooked for more conventional winter destinations, traveling to the Azores is a refreshing alternative for adventure, relaxation, and natural beauty during the colder months.


Nevertheless, if you are traveling to the Azores, expect something other than a sunny tropical paradise. The weather tends to be mostly cloudy during most days, especially from November to March.

August is the sunniest month in the Azores, with eight hours per day, though it is also one of the busiest months on the island. With fourteen rainy days, December offers the rainiest days, while August has the fewest.

Additionally, traveling to the Azores during winter can be challenging since the Atlantic winter storms affect the archipelago.

Traveling to the Azores for Whale-watching is very common, and for this purpose, the best time of the year is between April and August. Like other baleen species, such as humpback and fin whales, blue whales are drawn by the plankton blooms. between mid-March and mid-June, filling up before they embark on their epic spring migration to the Arctic. 

The most Instagrammable season for traveling to the Azores is from April to September when flowers pop up from everywhere.

The most profuse are the Azaleas (starting in March), Hydrangeas (all through the season, but the most in July), and Ginger later in the season (August & September).

Traveling to the Azores by direct flight is also possible if you come from the United States. 

There are direct flights from Boston to Ponta Delgada with Azores Airlines and from New York with United Airlines (Star Alliance) or Azores Airlines. Direct flight from New York to Ponta Delgada is a seasonal route that starts in June and ends in September.


So, what is the best time to visit the Azores? 


Shoulder season is ideal for everyone. I love traveling to the Azores in May as we get good weather, the flowers spring and the rates are still moderate, all combined with a more relaxed experience.

Traveling to the Azores in May can also be an excellent deal for Whale watching, as this is the best time, as blue, sei, and fin whales pass through here during their yearly migrations. Put your camera on and get ready for an incredible photo shoot. 


How Many Days Do You Need in the Azores?

The decision of how many days you need in the Azores is attached to your expectations and purpose for this trip.

Are you traveling to the Azores for a weekend break or as an extension of Portugal's mainland trip? Or are you traveling to the Azores for an exclusive expedition?

Eight days can be perfect; likewise, four days can be excellent!

The Azores archipelago comprises nine primary Azorean islands and an islet cluster in three main groups.

These are Flores and Corvo to the west; Graciosa, Terceira, São Jorge, Pico, and Faial in the center; and São Miguel, Santa Maria, and the Formigas islets to the east.

Each island is unique – and independent-minded, and each features a particular characteristic that may or may not appeal to you. 


São Miguel, known as 'The Green Island' for its luxuriant vegetation, is an obvious choice and the best for first-time visitors. 


São Miguel is one of the largest and most popular islands of the archipelago, and consecutively, it is also one of the islands with a more significant number of tourism facilities, such as hotels, restaurants, and attractions geared toward tourists. An eight-package in São Miguel is an excellent stretch and enables time to cover the highlights, connect with locals, plunge into the island’s customs, dive in the hot springs, and chill out at the sound of nature. 

Terceira, one of my favorite islands, also called the "Lilac Island" because of the abundance of flowers that extend throughout, while also popular among tourists, has a less developed tourism infrastructure with fewer hotels and restaurants. With a three-to-four-day package, you reach a good balance of history, culture, active travel, and relaxation.

Thinking about an extended stay, traveling to the Azores deserves a ten-night-day, well-designed package, bending the best of São Miguel with Terceira's unique experiences. 

Things to do in the Azores

When traveling to the Azores, you should expect passionate and warm vibrancy from the ground as well as from the locals. 

When traveling to the Azores Islands, you hike the finest volcanic and coastal hiking trails on Sao Miguel; you ride around beautiful lakes through valleys and forests with the sea as background; you dive eye-to-eye with a group of nosy devil rays; you taste the Azores Islands' volcanic dish; you savor liquor, complex spice taste, full-body, and well-structured wines in Pico, and you relax by the sunset while enjoying a private cruise.

Traveling to the Azores is to contemplate nature, or venture on cavernous expeditions; it is to cook unique and ancient recipes with locals and connect; dare on an off-road drive winding along dusty roads and breathtaking views; swim clear crystal waters; sail, and soak in the Azores mineral Hot Springs.

Traveling to the Azores offers an array of spectacular experiences for everyone's taste, energy level, budget, and profile.


Hiking in the Azores

Hiking in the Azores

Portugal Deluxe Azores Travel Guide incorporates distinctive Hiking experiences.

Our Janela do Inferno (Window of Hell) hiking journey is the perfect symbiosis between nature and adventure. Be enchanted by this trail. Find yourself looping through a forest, where old water tunnels sprout, and discover ancient aqueducts that once provided fresh water from the streams to the Alcohol Factory.

Marvel at the island highlights a lush green vertical wall, a cavity of water erosion, and a beautiful two-tiered waterfall.

When traveling to the Azores, take advantage of Portugal Deluxe Hiking in the Azores experiences and enjoy the opportunity to appreciate the Azores’ beauty and retrieve energy before flying back home.      

Hot Springs in the Azores Off-Road

It is time to get immersed in the luxuriant and enchanted vegetation of the Azores islands. 

Experience Portugal's Deluxe off-road expedition and be shocked by nature's exuberance and fertile scenic views. Uncover the island's oldest town, dare into dirty tracks, cross water courses aboard your jeep, and elevate to unmatched levels of relaxation by floating in one of the mineral hot springs available on São Miguel Island.

The Azorean Gastronomy

The Azorean Gastronomy

Traveling to the Azores is like a gastronomic symphony. The Azorean cuisine elevates taste to a sublime experience through its simplicity and flavorful natural ingredients. The Azorean gastronomy is affluent in a wide range of fish dishes, with a common feature of its freshness and flavor. The soft and tasty beef cattle raised in pastures delight meat lovers.

If you’re traveling to the Azores to enjoy its exquisite cuisine, we suggest you begin with the best and get lost in the famous land of peppers fused with fresh cheese; and then finish with the sweet tone of exotic fruit crops like pineapple, custard apple, guava, and passion fruit.

Discover ancestral practices through a private cooking class led by a captivating local in a cozy, homey, relaxed atmosphere. 

Sailing in the Azores

Sailing in the Azores

Time runs slow in the Azores, and winds blow bright. For centuries, the Azores islands have welcomed ocean travelers and sailors.

Traveling to the Azores, you go where the wind takes you and enjoy a journey of refined indulgence. 

Wonder the natural beauty of São Miguel's coastline and witness the green landscape descending towards the crystalline-clear waters of the ocean.

Take a deep breath, relax, and plunge into the beaches and sheltered inlet waters. Glance dolphins while savoring the local tapas and testimonial the enchantment of this paradise.   

Visit Azores with Portugal Deluxe

Portugal Deluxe travel advisors are passionate and obsessed with Portugal's off-beaten sites for their authenticity and undiscovered value.

Traveling to the Azores with Portugal Deluxe provides visitors with an unmatched level of experiences that take you deep into the Azorean culture.

Our deep knowledge about the region and long-established connections in the Azores Islands enable a highly qualified travel service and unique premium tours in the Azores.

Portugal Deluxe’s experienced and professional team of certified local guides and drivers, combined with a thoughtful selection of hotels in the area and discerning and creative collections of authentic experiences, guarantees you get the best from traveling to the Azores with us!