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Alexandra Machado

Alexandra Machado

Co-Founder & CEO at Portugal Deluxe

16.04.2024 Portuguese Wines
Wine Tasting in Portugal: Where to Experience Unique Wine Tours

Wine Tasting in Portugal is about experiencing a world of heritage, knowledge, passion, influences, and challenges. It takes you on a flavor richness and medley journey, reflecting the Portuguese wine region's diversity, indigenous grape varieties, and distinctive winemaking practices enhanced over centuries.

As an essential part of Portuguese culture, agriculture, and the economy, wine tasting in Portugal has endured periods of prosperity and challenges and has naturally evolved into an integral part of our customs.


History of Wine and Wine Tasting in Portugal

The history of Wine in Portugal has a solid, long tradition stretching back to around 2000 BCE. The Tartessian traders introduced Wine to Portugal in the 10th century BCE, using it as their exchange currency.

Wine became an important asset to Portuguese culture and life, mainly in the southern coastal areas of Portugal, where viticulture, "wine tasting," and consumption prevailed by this time.

In later centuries, the Ancient Greeks, Celts, and Romans would do much to extend viticulture and winemaking further north, adding new vineyards and distinguishable flavors recognized in any wine tasting today. 

Later, the protection of vine growing and wine production during Arab influence was particularly impressive, even when Arabic culture naturally banned the consumption of fermented beverages.


Nevertheless, from the twelfth century onwards, wine tasting, consumption, and production gained major significance, deeply marked by the Christian conquest of the territory.


From then on, wine assumed an essential role in religious ceremonies, encouraging further growth of the vines. Wine became part of the medieval man's diet, and wine tasting assumed a social role.

Although wine tasting is as old as wine history, the term wine tasting first appeared in the 16th century. By the 18th century, Linnaeus, Poncelet, and others formalized the methodology of wine tasting.

Since the late 20th century, as Portugal started exporting more, international analysts have invariably ranked Portuguese vintages among the best. It also has one of the highest densities of indigenous grape varietals globally, many not encountered elsewhere and customarily blended to create unique, exhilarating flavors and exciting wine tastings.


Wine Tourism in Portugal 

Portugal is an incredible destination for Wine Tourism. It has several wine routes, allowing visitors to explore its wine regions, taste local wines, and learn about its winemaking traditions. Oenophiles uncover a refreshed experience in Alentejo and the Douro.

Portuguese winery and vineyard diversity, grape variety, and production methods, allied with its rich gastronomy, history, and hospitality, make it an unmissable wine tasting paradise.

Recognized worldwide for the exceptional quality of its wines, Portugal has a solid wine tradition and one of the oldest demarcated and regulated wine regions, dating back to 1754: the Douro region, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2001.

Furthermore, Portugal's winemaking methods reflect centuries of refined refinement. We still use the traditional method, which involves treading the grapes by foot in large granite vats. Often, wine producers combine traditional with modern techniques like stainless steel tanks.


Wine Tasting Tours in Portugal

Wine tasting in Portugal involves savoring a myriad of wine styles: red, white, green, Port, and rose. 

With at least 250 indigenous varieties, more than any other country, wine tasting in Portugal is incredibly rich and exciting. Each grape variety presents a unique and distinguished flavor profile, with the most prominent grape varieties including Touriga Nacional, Tinta Roriz, and Castelao.

From fortified to light and crisp or even slightly sparkling wines, you can easily find the one that best suits your taste buds.

We can help you do that with a luxurious wine tasting experience. Contact us to know more.


Where to Experience Unique Wine Tasting Tours in Portugal?


Portugal is one of the countries on the World's great wine producers list, making it an exceptional destination for wine tasting tours. 

Portugal's superior quality wines, with a great personality and unique characteristics, allied to the charming, picturesque, and authentic boutique wineries, have been maintained for a long time as one of the best-kept secrets in Europe.

The Douro Valley and the Alentejo regions concentrate most of Portugal's wine tour experiences. However, you can take a wine tour nationwide, including in the Algarve and the Islands, especially in Pico, the Azores.

During a wine tour in Portugal, you will find thousands of small, familiar wineries across the country's fourteen wine regions, where you can experience a memorable wine tour. These wineries are more oriented to quality over quantity and provide exceptional premium wine tastings.

The ideal wine tour in Portugal combines and contrasts all Portuguese wine regions to fully perceive the diversity and richness of its wineries, landscape, and wine tasting. 


Wine Tour Porto and Douro Valley


A wine tour in Porto and the Douro Valley introduces you to Port Wine, the most prestigious and international of all Portuguese wines. It's a fortified wine produced exclusively in the Douro region, the World's first demarcated and regulated wine region since the 18th century. 

During a wine tasting in this region, you can expect fine, rich, unfortified red and white wines and port wine. The best Porto and Douro Valley wine tour combines the finest wine lodges in Porto with the finest wineries and vineyards in the Douro Valley.


Porto Wine Lodges Tours

Porto Wine Lodges Tours

It is in Porto, Portugal's second-largest city and the capital of the port wine industry, that you discover an eclectic scenery of daring design in a grey-tone historical laid-back city lined with a vast array of port wine lodges and warehouses that promises unexpected and refined wine tasting options. 

Remember, there are no vineyards in Porto. Strictly speaking, the wine lodges sit in Vila Nova de Gaia, and the vineyards are in the Douro Valley, up in the mountains, two hours from the city. 

While in Porto, you must book a private visit to one of the oldest wine lodges and the largest wooden Port Cellar in the historic area of Vila Nova de Gaia. 

Holding one of the most significant collections of oak barrels and wooden vats of any Port cellar, this is where Ports age, and you assist the coopers' work. Here, wine tasting gets to an upper level, not least because of the quality of the Port you taste but because you are likely to bump into some of the people responsible for making its wines.

Douro Valley Wine Tour

Douro Valley Wine Tour

During a Douro Valley Wine tour, you discover one of the most beautiful wine regions in the world, described by UNESCO as a “living and evolving cultural landscape of outstanding beauty.”

Marvel with the stunning landscapes and admire the incredible terraced vineyard region, which extends over a hundred kilometers along the Douro to the Spanish border. 

The Douro quickly emerged as the country's premium wine region, with wine tastings including the famous port wine, premium fine, rich, unfortified, full-flavored reds, and fresh dry whites. 

My preferred wine tasting tour in the Douro Valley takes you to an independent, fascinating, refined, and distinct winery with 24 hectares and dazzling sceneries over the Douro slopes.

Renowned for the quality of its terroir, the Quinta produces remarkable wines by treating its great terroir with the respect it deserves and using traditional methods updated in the light of the latest advances. After an intimate lecture visit, savor some of their finest wines at a premium wine tasting and appreciate the local gastronomy.

Wine Tasting in Porto

Wine Tasting in Porto

In Porto, you can select from several wine lodges clustered in Vila Nova de Gaia, where the wines rest patiently and age before being marketed worldwide.

These share the common goal of spreading the word about the history of Port wine with guided tours and wine tasting.

You can choose from various wine tasting menus, from classic tasting in a tasting room to private premium wine tasting in an exclusive, relaxed, and fascinating space. 

While in Porto, dare to combine a Late Bottle Vintage with chocolate, a Grahams with cheese, and a Tawny with a Custard tart.

Don't be shy; partake in a master trilogy wine tasting of three wines shaped over decades, from the '50s, '70s, and onwards.

Wine Tasting in Douro

Wine Tasting in Douro

Wine tasting in the Douro Valley guarantees an exciting experience of complex and captivating flavors, rich gastronomy, olive oil tasting, and a relaxing scenic river cruise. 

Prior to the wine tasting, delve into the vineyards, explore the cellars, and immerse yourself in the rich history and intricate wine production methods of the winery. 

Wine tasting in the Douro Valley tends to be high in tannin and flavor, and the winemaker's mastery stands to preserve fruit and freshness, which are present and noted in every wine tasting.

In the Douro Valley, the fragrant Touriga Nacional is likely the most prominent grape used in wine production, along with Touriga Franca, Tinta Roriz, Tinta Cão, and Tinta Barroca. 

Wine Tour Lisbon

When discussing a wine tour in Lisbon, we must remember that there are no vineyards in the city center. Instead, you can opt for a wine tasting in one of the several rustic wine bars or venture out of the vibrant city and dive into a wine tasting where the range of wines ensures something for every palate. 

The Lisbon wine region produces white, red, and rose wines and Brandy and Vinho Leve – or Light Wine.


Wine Tasting in Lisbon

Wine Tasting in Lisbon

Wine tasting in Lisbon is about delivering a diverse and rich portfolio of notable wines that delight wine enthusiasts worldwide.

From the captivating aromas of dark fruits and spices of the bold and full-bodied Touriga Nacional to the vibrant acidity and citrus flavors of the crisp and refreshing Arinto, the Lisbon Wine Region invites you on a sensory journey of extraordinary flavors and sensations. A wine tasting in Lisbon is a fascinating exploration of taste and terroir.

Just half an hour from Lisbon city center, I highly recommend discovering a 19th-century winery with an imposing interior housing impressive old wooden barrels and casks and spoiling yourself with a premium wine-tasting lecture by the oenologist. 

Combine the wine journey with a guided visit to Sintra World Heritage sites and learn about Portuguese history. On a different day, marvel at an adorable family-owned winery with ancient and historical vineyards. Pamper your taste buds with a lectured premium wine tasting session followed by an intimate lunch hosted by a family member.

Wine Tour Alentejo

Wine lovers or enthusiasts must experience a wine tour in Alentejo, the widest of Portugal's wine-producing areas, encompassing a third of the Country's territory.

Alentejo is acclaimed for producing some of Portugal's finest wines, earning distinction as a top-notch wine-producing territory.

A wine tour in Alentejo guarantees the perfect blend of World Heritage sites, mouthwatering, flavorful gastronomy, memorable wine tasting with premium wines, and picture-book sceneries with rolling hills, cork oaks, wheat, and sheep.

In Alentejo, you also experience the unique feeling of being at home when hosted at one of their luxury properties, such as Herdade da Malhadinha and São Lourenço do Barrocal.

Fully decorated with love, dedication, persistence, and refinement, these family-owned properties offer delectable traditional cuisine, unforgettable experiences, comfort, and luxury service complemented by wine tastings. 


Wine Tasting in Alentejo

Wine Tasting in Alentejo

Wine tasting in Alentejo contrasts full-bodied red wines infused with tannins and perfumed with wild berry aromas, with slight acidity complemented by tropical fruit notes of their whites. 

The prominent grape varieties in this region are Roupeiro, Antão Vaz, and Arinto. I suggest you complement the wine tasting with a lectured olive oil tasting or a cooking workshop. 

Blend history with wine and embark on a private tour to an 18th-century winery considered a landmark for its beauty, history, and quality of its wines. 

Before the wine tasting, visit the restored and extended winery and be amazed by the contrast of modern technology blended with tradition, maintaining the famous marble Lagares, where the traditional foot treading method is still alive. 

Pamper your taste buds with a private lectured wine-tasting session with the estate's premium wines, which reflect detailed work from the vineyards to the batch. Savor a flavored regional lunch in a charming room embraced by 18th-century tiles and typical marble of the region.

Wine Tour Madeira

A wine tour in Madeira narrates a long-lasting winemaking history, dating back to the 15th century from the time of the Exploration Era, when Madeira assumed a vital provisioning position for journeys to the Americas and the East Indies, and shippers would load up on Madeira wine on their way to England and the Americas. 

During a wine tour in Madeira, learn the importance of fortifying the wine by adding neutral grape spirits that prevent it from spoiling during the Sea voyage. 

The casks of Madeira wine would be heated and cooled as the ships passed through the tropics. Shippers noticed how the wine's flavor deepened and improved and called this sea-aging "Vinho da Roda." You can feel all of that at a wine tasting in Madeira.

Did you know that Madeira Wine was the drink chosen by emblematic personalities and politicians to sip after boldly signing the American Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776?

It was the drink for toasting many of the country's major revolutionary milestones, which makes this wine-tasting experience even more attractive.


Wine Tasting in Madeira

Wine Tasting in Madeira

Wine tasting in Madeira tastes like a symphony of Caramel, Walnut Oil, Burnt Sugar flavors, Peach, Hazelnut, and Orange Peel.

The worldwide-renowned and award-winning Madeira wine breathes history with an intense, unmistakable flavor you recognize in any wine tasting.

My preferred wine tour in Madeira launches you on a two-centuries-long journey through fine wine production. Accompanied by the brand ambassador, you will walk through the Wine Lodge and Museum and uncover the secrets of Madeira's wine trade history and production.

Savor the taste of the fortified wine produced in Madeira, the drink of choice in the late colonies and a favorite of Thomas Jefferson and George Washington.

In a vintage room, the cathedral of the wine lodge's rarest and oldest wines, experience a premium wine tasting that includes five of Blandy's finest wines. 

Portugal Deluxe Wine Tours

Experience the best Wine Tours in Portugal with Portugal Deluxe. Food and Wine are in Portugal Deluxe's DNA. 

Over twenty years ago, Mario Sacramento, the company's founder, was inspired by wine while creating it. Our main audiences were gourmands, wine lovers, and enthusiasts, and our itineraries inspired thousands of travelers and made the delicacies of thousands more. 

Portugal Deluxe is an unquestionable part of wine tourism in Portugal's history. In 2003, few wineries in the Douro Valley offered the private premium wine tasting they currently do. 

My job and that of my team were to promote the destination and the experience and convince the wine producers to host our clientele like family. A wine tasting with Portugal Deluxe reflects the wineries selected' professionalism, passion, dedication, and superior quality.

We take wine tasting to a different level by carefully favoring our winery industry players and menus included in our packages. We privilege boutique wineries with long-lasting histories that offer comprehensive private visits hosted by well-trained and passionate guides.

If you want to participate in this unique wine-tasting experience, contact us, and we will take care of everything.