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Alexandra Machado

Alexandra Machado

Co-Founder & CEO at Portugal Deluxe

The Best Places to Visit in Portugal in 2024

When asked about the best places to visit in Portugal, I hesitate. 

Ultimately, the best places to visit in Portugal depend on what one seeks to experience and see in Portugal, the oldest nation-state in Europe. 

To visit Portugal is more than a trend for 2024. It is to recognize the value of an incredible destination immersed in centuries of history, where palaces and medieval castles pop up from World Heritage lush vegetation, and smiley locals loudly invite you to sit and taste mouthwatering local food in their taverns.

In Portugal, your glass will always be full: full of premium wines, the nectar of the Gods produced in our wine regions found in some of Portugal's best places to visit.

Sunny and beach savvy should not worry; the Gods have also been incredibly generous with the Portuguese Nation weather-wise. Portugal is one of the warmest countries in Europe, with mild temperatures all year round and over 300 days of sunshine a year. 


Sounds promising, right? Just wait until you find all our hidden treasures!


Nature Lovers, Portugal is also a good match for you active travelers. One of the best places to visit in Portugal in 2024 is the Azores, the closest European destination to the United States. 

Are you convinced yet? Book your flight, update your passports, pack your clothes, and prepare for an incredible journey to Portugal's mainland and the islands in our best places to visit in Portugal in 2024 list.


What are the Best Places to Visit in Portugal?

The best places to visit in Portugal can include Lisbon, Porto, the Azores, Madeira, the Algarve, the Alentejo region, the Douro Valley, or even Fatima or Braga; ultimately, it all depends on you: the visitor. 

You should always be at the center of it all. Who are you? How long is your trip? How many days do you have to enjoy the best places to visit in Portugal? What makes you happy? What do you need to fulfill your needs, expectations, and interests? 

When defining the best places to visit in Portugal, you are the decision maker. 


Visiting Lisbon

Lisbon Tiles

Visiting Lisbon can be mind-blowing. Every corner narrates a story, from World Heritage Monasteries to Medieval Castles, Stunning Palaces to Enchanted Gardens, Art Museums to Colorful Tiles. 

Visiting Lisbon is like a romantic medieval movie with the nostalgic soundtrack of fado. 

Listen to the bell of the yellow tram coming up and down the cobblestone streets while tasting the crispy, warm Nata’s pastry.

Act like a local while visiting Lisbon, one of the best places to visit in Portugal. 

Remember the cinnamon at the top and combine it with the unique Portuguese coffee. Taste and testimony the best fresh fish in Europe. Ride the Sintra mountains on a classic sidecar and sip a glass of wine while cruising the Cascais and Estoril coastline until the Tagus River.

Visiting Porto

Visiting Porto

Porto is a unique, charming historical city embraced by the Douro River, and it has been one of Europe's best-hidden treasures until recently. 

Porto is one of the best places to visit in Portugal for its history, architecture, people, port wine, gastronomy, and authenticity. 

Visiting Porto is a commitment to connect with locals. One must walk on the slim cobblestone streets to observe the evidence of Baroque, neoclassical, and modernist architectural styles. 

Observe the colorful, perfectly restored buildings contrasting with washing lines that reveal the authenticity and customs of the locals. 

Visit Porto by riding a sidecar through the narrow streets toward the riverfront, immersing yourself in the local customs, history, and traditions.

Find one of the best places to visit in Portugal in Porto. Explore the wine district of Vila Nova de Gaia and its century-old wine lodges and cellars. Get inebriated by the port wine's warm, sweet aroma and celebrate the flavors' euphoria by sipping a generous glass of Port wine while observing Ribeira Square.

Visiting Madeira

Ponta de São Lourenço | Madeira

In our best places to visit in Portugal list, Madeira is a must.

Visiting Madeira, discover spectacular scenery, crystal clear waters, ancient unique traditions, genuine flavors, and majestic gardens. 

Marvel at Madeira's iconic gardens and the fabulous seascapes of the north and south of the Island during a guided hiking tour. Glance the Pearl of the Atlantic from the sea and discover the imponent Cabo Girão while enjoying a private sailing cruise. 

Could Madeira be the best place to visit in Portugal without its mouthwatering food and premium wines? Madeira is a spectacular destination for nature lovers with a demanding taste for authentic food and good wines.

Visiting Douro Valley

Photo of Douro by Rui Pires

Douro Photography - © Credits by Rui Pires

Visiting the Douro Valley is traveling in time to an epoque where people look into your eyes, chat with emotion, embrace with intention, and host with the genuine pleasure of Portuguese hospitality. The Douro Valley is one of the best places to visit in Portugal for 2024 and will keep the trend for decades to come. 

While visiting the Douro Valley, you drink, eat, cook, rest, read, love, hike, ride, breathe, cruise, chat, connect, and feel. 

Our tour portfolio for this region is so vast and attractive that no sentence single could describe it. Feel the privilege to visit the world's oldest wine regions and celebrate the result of over 2,000 years of winemaking.

Taste premium wines while observing the shaped, vine-covered terraces. Relish a tasteful lunch on the deck of a classic wooden yacht. Connect with the locals by cooking, biking, or hiking the Douro off-the-beaten paths under the lead of a charming story-tailored local guide.

The best place to visit in Portugal is also where you can find the best hotel in Portugal. Curious about it? Stay tuned for a new upcoming article.

Visiting the Azores

Visiting Azores

The Azores archipelago nestles in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and comprises nine fascinating and enchanting islands.

Its authenticity, lush vegetation, warm and genuine people, gastronomy, thermal waters, and charm contribute to the Azore's popularity as one of the most prominent destinations in Portugal and one of the best places to visit in Portugal in 2024.

Visiting the Azores is to keep active, receptive to authentic experiences, and open to disconnect from the rush of the daily routine. 

Disconnect to connect! Listen to the sound of nature, get your mind lost in the open blue sky, dramatically falling into the crystal waters. Go where the wind takes you, take a deep breath, relax, and dive into the beaches and sheltered inlet waters while sailing your private yacht. 

Adventures and nature lovers' bucket lists should include the Azores as one of the best places to visit in Portugal in 2024 with no expiration date. 

Discover the enchantment of the Azores and Bike through gorgeous colored lakes and picturesque villages. Seat by the lagoon and enjoy a private regional menu picnic.


Energy restored, visiting the Azores takes you to milestone nature trail exploration.


Perspective a hiking journey at a different level and venture into a two-hour hiking tour through Janela do Inferno trail, rich in water springs, tunnels, and aqueducts. 

But there is also another reason why we describe the Azores as one of the best places to visit in Portugal in 2024: visiting the Azores is also an immersion in history. Do not miss the Island of Jesus Christ, Terceira, if you are interested in military history, museums, forts, and wonderfully preserved and colorful city center World Heritage by Unesco. 

The Azores is also an open-air spa with thermal waters that nature sculped in perfect harmony. After an active ride, get immersed in the lush and magical vegetation and hot springs of the 18th-century gardens.

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