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Vila Real
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Every day for lunch and dinner. Closes on Sundays for dinner
CV Restaurant

Located in a former warehouse of the railways, in Vila Real, near the station, a historic building with more than one hundred years.

The election of this potential warehouse to accommodate the project CV Restaurant was due on the one hand, the preservation of historic and cultural city of Vila Real. On the other hand, it allows the realization of a bold space. This project is based on harmony between the ancient and modern, on the analogy of tradition and historical continuity of new values, a unique combination of design and comfort, perfectly matched with the landscape context in which it operates.

At its heart sits the glamour of the dark tones of wood, mirrors, large windows in accordance with a carefully selected decoration, sober and avant-garde. Outside feels the historical weight of the building where the original architecture prevails, remodeled in accordance with the concept of space.

The main motivation of the food & wine tours is to enjoy typical products and deepen knowledge on the oenological and gastronomic heritage of a given region. CV Restaurant, by the hand of the businessman Edgar Gouveia, is dedicated to Wine & Gourmet lovers, more demanding, wanting to know the products of the Douro region and Montes, through unique experiences in a space conditions and with excellent service.

This space is divided into gourmet restaurant, with capacity for 60 people composed of Winehouse and a bar with capacity for 20 people, and storeroom. In the interiors have a terrace for 100 people. CV Restaurant is a place to visit before lunch, lunch, dinner, to relax, Coffee or simply to finish the night.

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