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CL Restaurant

Installed in the foundations of the Condes de Linhares palace, what remains of an renascent building that fell into ruins with the 1755 earthquake, the room presents the whole structure of the time when it was constructed: vaults in clergyman's cap, with the height of seven meters, built in red- brick and supported by stone columns, where there is an outstanding fireplace of great dimensions. You can see these tunnels in the restaurant dinning room.

The Counts of Linhares didn't just out stand for their noble importance; among the family there were two viceroy of Portuguese India. They were also great patrons of the arts, and they gave shelter to Luis Vaz of Camões, a distant cousin, know considered the best Portuguese poet, that at an impoverished end of life lived under their protection, in this same house.

Interior CL Restaurant

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