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Paço de Sousa, Penafiel
Theme | Type
Luxury, Boutique, Charm
Distance from Airport
21,3 Miles (Porto International Airport)
Solar Egas Moniz

The Solar Egas Moniz “Charming House & Local Experiences” is the result of the dream of a family from the north of Portugal: the Vinha Family. This family invites you to come and awaken your senses, to let yourself go on a voyage which enhances the fullness of the Self, experiences, traditions and typical costumes of a welcoming people. This dream becomes a reality when from a place like this it is possible to send this message till the end of the street and till the end of the world. 

The Solar Egas Moniz, whose atmosphere is contemporary even though respecting tradition, is cozy, familiar, intimate and it will be the starting point to a unique and unforgettable guest experience. Special nifty careful decorative details will be waiting for you to surprise you and arise good sensations… agreeable messages which are discovered without noticing, cozy corners which invite peace and laziness.

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