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Manor House
Ponta Delgada, Azores
Theme | Type
Historical Building
Distance from Airport
6,1 Miles (Ponta Delgada International Airport)
Solar da Glória ao Carmo

A historical site in the paradisiacal island of S. Miguel, Azores – Solar da Gloria ao Carmo became a protected architectural landmark by the Ponta Delgada council in 1993. Staying at the Solar allows you to go back in time to the 17th century, with all the comfort of the 21st.

Situated at the Livramento, a mere 300 metres away we find the Pópulo and Milícias beaches, whose unique volcanic rocks and sands serve as testimony to the island’s unique geologic origins. Ponta Delgada, the Archipelago’s beautiful capital, is 5 minutes away by car or one hour walk by the Sea.

The Solar gives the option of staying in double room and a suite within the main House, or in separate apartments granting a comfortable and more independent stay.

Come and unwind with us in this Bed and Breakfast where history and nature come together to tell stories, inspire peace and bring wellbeing.

Solar Carmo
Carmo Solar
Solar Glória
Glória Solar
Glória ao Carmo
Carmo Glória
Solar Portugal
Portugal Solar
Carmo Glória Solar
Portugal Glória
Glória Portugal
Luxury Solar
Solar Luxury
Solar da Glória ao Carmo

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