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Palácio De Belmonte

It is built on part of the roman remains of the city of Lisbon and the “Cerca Moura”, the Moorish walls of the S. Jorge Castle.

The Belmonte is a stunning sculpture, a synthesis of 2197 years of Portuguese history and culture ideally located on top of the hill in the historic center of the city, five minutes away from downtown Lisbon. The restoration process was based on a philosophy of conserving and protecting the ambience generated by the building. Safeguarding original volumes, ceilings, natural light and ventilation, the plans to restore the Belmonte were intended to be an outline of what is possible in terms of architectural and Historic Heritage restoration.

The seductive frescos and the fifty-nine panels of azulejos designed in 1725 have been restored. On a more practical level, and to provide more contemporary comfort, the central heating is a mix of low temperature floor heating, where possible, to reduce energy consumption, and conventional central heating. A plantation of “garlic trees” in the Guangzhi Autonomous Region offsets the Co2 produced by the Belmonte.

Belmonte Lisboa
Belmonte Luxury
Belmonte Palácio
Belmonte Portugal
Belmonte Terrace
Belmonte View
Indoor Belmonte
Lisboa Belmonte
Lisboa Palácio
Luxury Palácio
Luxury Belmonte
Palácio De Belmonte Garden
Garden Palácio De Belmonte
Palácio De Belmonte
Palácio Portugal
Belmonte de Palácio
Portugal Palácio
Palácio Portugal
Palácio Portugal Room
Palácio Portugal Terrace
Palácio Portugal View

In October 2000 Palacio Belmonte received the RICS Award for Urban Regeneration from HRH the Prince of Wales. The Tate Modern and the Royal Opera House in London received the award in the same year. The philosophy behind the restoration process continues in the Belmonte daily life. You will not find a standard accommodation offer but a real life option based on solid ecological and sustainable principles. We only use biodegradable products, and, underpinning our deep belief in the importance of personal and intimate experience, television does not intrude – instead a choice of music is available. The Belmonte offers eleven exclusive suites and generous public spaces on 3,700 square meters, each suite is uniquely decorated with Portuguese original lush paintings and furniture of the 15th to the 18th centuries, complimented by contemporary pieces.

The Bartolomeu de Gusmão’s suite with its vaulted ceiling on an octagonal tiled room, private stone staircase, stunning views and a fabulous terrace has been acclaimed as “one of the 10 most beautiful suites in the World” (Condé Nast’s Wallpaper). The Belmonte intends to provide the highest level of exclusivity and an inner knowledge of Portugal. Among its facilities, guests will find a library with more than 4,000 books, music and internet in each suite, seven terraces, a beautiful black marble outdoor swimming pool and a lush five level organic Mediterranean garden overlooking the city, where you will enjoy the Belmonte breakfast. The feeling of a stay at the Belmonte is one of total freshness, natural comfort, privacy, and astounding simplicity and freedom. The Belmonte is a real alternative experience.

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