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Boutique, Charm, Palace
Distance from Airport
40,3 Miles (Porto International Airport)
Casa Da Calçada - Relais & Châteaux

The Palace has been built during the 16th century, to become one of the Palaces for the Count of Redondo. During the Napoleon’s Campaign, the house had a major role on the defense of Amarante and the road to Porto, being the main head-quarters for the allied commanders (Portuguese and British).

After a thorough study, handled by a team of architects, the original baroque style with some neo-classical elements has been preserved. The decoration, following the romantic style transmits, through the furniture, textiles and exquisite details, the ambience of a family home, where guests return to the past and enjoy the tranquillity and cosiness of the several innermost places at their disposal.

Calçada Casa
Amarante Casa da Calçada
Casa da Calçada Portugal
Casa da Calçada
Luxury Calçada Casa
Luxury Casa da Calçada
Portugal Casa da Calçada

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