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Day Tours
Algarve Off-Road

Get off the beaten tracks and explore a distinct Algarve on a 4WD comfortable Jeep. Experience the rural culture, and see the ancient rustic villages, small farms, and the yet best-kept secrets of the Algarve. 

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Day Tours
Day Tours
Madeira Off-Road

Launch into an exhilarating off-road journey. Explore the fascinating landscapes and impressive villages of the outstanding Northern sea coast abundant in waterfalls.

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Day Tours
Day Tours
Azores Off-Road with Hotsprings

Experience an off-road journey through a place of excellence in terms of scenic views. Follow several dirt tracks and cross-water courses, providing one with a unique experience. Time to get immersed in the lush and magical vegetation and hot springs of the 18th-century Terra Nostra Garden.

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4x4 Tours

Ready to get out of your comfort zone? It's time to experience one of our 4X4 Tours! Through off-road, escape from the daily routine and enjoy wonderful places merged with lots of fun, great food, and adrenaline. 

Moreover, 4×4 cars provide safety and comfort, perfect for reaching less accessible areas. Whether you want to travel with friends or family, a 4×4 guided tour is always a wise choice.


What are 4x4 Tours?

The 4X4 Tours are a must-do off-road adventure with a four-wheel-drive vehicle over rough roads where one cannot drive a regular car. Why choose a 4×4 off-road tour? Some people book off-road tours just for the fun of driving this type of road, while others go for the experience and the breathtaking landscapes.

Here at Portugal Deluxe, we only provide 4X4 Tours with private drivers to guarantee our clients the highest level of security, enjoyment, and excitement. 

If you're unsure if a 4X4 Tour is a suitable option for you when visiting Portugal, contact us to personalize your 4x4 adventure.


Types of 4x4 Tours

Here at Portugal Deluxe, we offer full-day and half-day private 4x4 Tours. We adjust the length of the trip to the traveler's profile, interest, and selected route. Based on our team directives and suggestions, one decides where to go, what to see, and how long to stay.

A full-day likely includes a stop for lunch at a charming scenic site, picnic style, or at a local restaurant of our preference. 


4×4 Tours in Madeira

Today experience the privilege of exploring the awe-inspiring landscapes along the rugged North coast of Madeira on a jeep tour. 
Marvel with the exotic wilderness dotted with quaint villages dwarfed by towering sea cliffs and surrounded by vineyards and orchards. Stop at São Vicente to Santana's thatched roof houses and venture on a hike experience (optional) at the Queimadas Forest park.


4X4 Tours in the Azores, Nordeste

Head in the direction of the easternmost part of the island, the Nordeste, to embark on an exciting 4X4 trip. This region is one of the most beautiful areas on the island due to its considerably flower-rich landscape. 

Stop at the viewpoint of Salto do Cavalo's peak, with astonishing and expansive views over Povoação, a village filled with beauty and tradition, marked by the fertility of its soils and the rurality of its ambiance. Povoação was the first place to be settled on the island, and the coast that extends beyond Povoação. 

Venture on the ups-and-down route with unique scenic views, and by the end of the day, do not miss Furnas, with some leisure time at the thermal baths. 


4×4 Tours in Algarve

A 4X4 Tour is a perfect choice for people looking to discover the unique landscapes of the traditional Algarve during a private trip. Get off the beaten tracks and explore a different Algarve on a 4WD comfortable Jeep.

Algarve is a natural paradise of beautiful sceneries and regional architecture. With the assistance of our private driver-guide, escape the tourist hotspots, experience rural culture, and visit the ancient rustic villages, small farms, and other parts of the Algarve that you would never find on your own. 

Stepping off the tourist trail requires local knowledge. All our drivers are experienced, informative, and very entertaining. 


4x4 Tours with Portugal Deluxe

Portugal Deluxe's most exhilarating 4x4 Tours are unique adventures with four-wheel drive vehicles on the most scenic routes of Portugal. 

Have you heard that the Douro Valley is home to the most incredible driving road in the world? The N222 is one of the most scenic roads in Portugal and follows the majestic Douro River as it meanders through the region's beautiful scenery. Most tourists explore the Douro Valley by river cruise; these boat tours may be relaxing, but they only show a tiny portion of this beautiful region.

With Portugal Deluxe, one can incorporate 4X4 trips with an intimate river cruise, and one gets the best of both Worlds. Our 4x4 Tours are private journeys operated by a premium fleet with fluent English-speaking experienced drivers. 

4X4 Tours are the perfect trip for travelers looking for nature, authenticity, and off-the-beaten path experiences though still luxury adventures. 

Contact us to get more tips on where to go during your Portugal 4X4 Tour.