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VT Restaurant

There’s a place where the refinement and the excellence meet the nature’s tranquillity. A place with an inspiring setting, where the serenity should be experienced in all its splendour. Here is a dream destination with a charming environment that it will provide you unforgettable moments.

Surrounded by a breathtaking scenery, the Bela Vista Hotel combines refinement with hospitality in a historical space, perfectly adapted to the most modern requirements.

Enjoy a full scenic landscape that Bela Vista Hotel provides, in combination with the best aromas and flavours, providing true moments of relaxation, tranquillity and rest.

Led by Chef João Oliveira - who got through the most award-winning restaurants – Largo do Paço Restaurant, the The Yeatman and Vila Joya Restaurant - the kitchen is creative and sophisticated. The menu is inspired in a perfect combination of the national cuisine and the Mediterranean, respecting the original flavours and the freshness of the ingredients.

Allow yourself to feel the passion that this Chef assigns in its irresistible delights, and be prepared to enjoy an unforgettable experience together with a breathtaking view: the cliffs of Praia da Rocha.

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