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Farm House
Distance from Airport
15 Miles (Faro International Airport)
Vila Monte Farm House Algarve

The epitome of the classic Farm House: a timeless simplicity, a local, genuine atmosphere and a Boho-chic spirit. A reinterpretation of the Algarve lifestyle, with the perfect integration of its emblematic elements.

Vila Monte Farm House conveys the tranquility and comfort of a unique and inspiring place. The architecture is inspired by the traditional Algarve buildings with its whitewashed chimneys, terraces and stairways. The hotel’s 9 hectares are beautifully enhanced with aromatic herbs, a vegetable garden, an orange grove and the gardens various ponds and recesses.

Divided into different buildings, each room is unique in its features and ambience. Enjoy the best of the Vila Monte with our Suite Collection. Exclusive standards, private terraces or gardens, a personalized butler service, are some of the options available for a wonderful stay.

Discovering new flavors in the À TERRA restaurant or laying in the sun on a desert beach are some of the experiences you can live at the new Vila Monte.

Vila Monte
Monte Vila
Farm Vila
Vila Farm
Farm House
House Farm
House Algarve
Algarve House
Vila Algarve
Monte Farm

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