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The Noble House

The Noble House has its origins in the XV century and it is a true example of an Alentejo noble lodge. Its foundations on “Cerca Velha”, the first city’s wall, and its history are rich and very diverse. Firstly, it was the Counts of Lousã Manor House, after that it became a school and since the 1920’s it is a hotel, being the oldest hotel of the city.

In order to become today The Noble House, it has been fully renovated with a project from Architect Fernando Coelho, who has been distinguished with several national and international awards, such as, Gold, Archithectural design / hospitality – 2016 American Architecture Prize. Located in the heart of the historical city centre of Évora, only a 2 minutes walk from the city’s Cathedral and the Roman Temple, it is an amazing departure point to discover Évora, classified as World Heritage and the entire Alentejo region.

Noble House
House Noble
Luxury House
House Luxury
Noble Portugal
Portugal Noble
Luxury Noble
Portugal House
House Portugal
House Noble portugal
Room Noble

With 24 bedrooms, The Noble House is a unique, welcoming and elegant hotel, where modernity and tranquillity are combined with the Alentejo history and traditions. The project, signed by the architect Fernando Coelho, combines a contemporaneous comfort with the Manor House history, which can be discovered in the roman wall, on the glazed tiles, on the old house salons and kitchens, as well as in the vaulted ceilings.

These details, which appear throughout the entire hotel in its smallest particularities, provide each space a rare and unforgettable character. Walking through its corridors, enjoying the bar or the terrace and sleeping in its rooms, it’s an exclusive modern journey through time and an unbeatable experience.

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