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4 Stars
Theme | Type
Boutique Nature Hotel
Distance from Airport
35 Miles (Faro International Airport)
Praia Verde Boutique Hotel

Considered in 2014 by CNN as one of Europe's best new boutique hotels, Praia Verde Boutique Hotel is the perfect spot for a deserved rest or a live unique experiences, all year round, for your pleasure and at your own pace.

After extensive remodeling in architecture and design, Praia Verde is today a unit that interprets a new concept for hotel industry in Portugal.

The suites are comfortable, in natural shades and with immense light. To make you feel almost at home and live the Green Beach in all its dynamics, we have our Lobby Market, which integrates several functions in a single space, with reception, bar, grocery, work place, lounge, space for children and director's desk.

Boutique Hotel
Boutique Verde
Exterior Praia Verde
Gym Praia Verde
Hotel Boutique
hotel praia
Pool Praia Verde
Praia Hotel
Praia Verde Boutique Hotel
Praia Verde
Restaurant Praia Verde
Verde Boutique
Verde Praia

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