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104 Miles (Lisbon International Airport)
Pousada Rainha Santa Isabel

In the sixties, the castle, became a luxury hotel named after the Queen.

The Pousada Estremoz, Rainha Santa Isabel, has the finest decor including museum pieces, several rooms still maintain characteristics of the 18th century. From the private palace gardens and swimming pool, you have the most superb view over the city of Estremoz and the vast Alentejo plain.

Pousada Rainha
Pousada Santa
Santa Pousada
Rainha Pousada
Rainha Santa
Santa Rainha
View Pousada
Santa Isabel
Isabel Santa
Pousada Pool
Isabel Pousada
Rainha Isabel
Isabel Rainha
Pousada Rainha Santa
Santa Pousada Rainha
Rainha Santa Isabel
Isabel Rainha Santa
Isabel Santa Rainha
Rainha Pousada Santa
Room Pousada
Pousada Room
Rainha Room
Room Rainha
Room Santa
Santa Room
Room Isabel
Isabel Room
Room Pousada Santa
Pousada Santa Room
Pousada Rainha Santa Isabel
WC Pousada
Room Santa Rainha
Santa Rainha Room

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