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Myriad By Sana Hotels

An immense lounge extends around the bar, in an informal and cosmopolitan space where one can eat, drink, rest or work. Light and transparency constantly cut through this space which extends to the outdoor patio, in the shape of a ship’s deck.

The two sails house 186 rooms and suites, in an innovative design to empower their relationship with the panoramic view.

The Myriad has 186 rooms where you can daydream, whether it is on the eye-catching contemporary décor with its strong and contrasting colours, or the sublime view across the Tagus estuary.

Hotel Myriad
Myriad Portugal
Myriad By Sana
Myriad By Sana Hotels
Myriad Sana
Portugal Myriad
Sana Myriad

Located on the 23rd floor, Sayanna Wellness offers an unique place in the city, where you’ll feel closer to the clouds. Indoor pool with whirlpool areas, flotation tank, sensations shower, sauna overlooking the Tagus River, Turkish bath, hammam shower, rooms for massage and SPA treatments and a VIP Suite for two people.

If you want to experience the River Tagus at its best, slip into the River Lounge, a cool cosmopolitan spot just right for relaxing. Open daily, the River Lounge is the perfect place for a business lunch, an informal dinner, a cocktail with friends, a soothing tea on the terrace or, from 7pm, a snack and a drink accompanied by some musical entertainment.

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