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Cercal do Alentejo
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106 Miles (Lisbon International Airport)
Herdade Da Matinha

Located in the Alentejo coast, surrounded by a beautiful scenery, Herdade da Matinha captivates through its cozy and intimate atmosphere. Its mixture of styles gives you a touch of lightness, life and timelessness.

Very close to nature, the Herdade offers several activities: picnics, yoga and surf classes,cooking lessons and magnificent horse riding. Both the beach and the swimming pool are great options for spring and summer. All meals are made with love, dedication and carefully prepared with local ingredients.

Each corner of Herdade invite for contemplation and tranquility, close your eyes bythe sea or relax in the hammocks of Herdade. Our guests use to say that in summer everything seems intense and energizing and in winter everything is more calm to appreciate life slowly. The long conversations, the special dinners with friends and the cozy atmosfere around the fireplace are what makes this season very special. It is the perfect place to relax and enjoy life. “as simple as life is”

Herdade da Mantinha
Herdade Portugal
Room mantinha
Mantinha Room
Room mantinha Portugal
Portugal Room Mantinha
Herdade Luxury Mantinha
 Luxury Mantinha
Mantinha Portugal
Portugal Mantinha
Mantinha Herdade

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