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142 Miles (Porto International Airport)
Casas do Côro

The hotel has its own chapel. Offering an elegant mix of modern furnishings and historic décor, each unit offers a view of Marialva's historic houses, a well-equipped kitchenette and a living room with fireplace.

Guests can enjoy homemade cake, crunchy bread and fresh juices during breakfast. Casas Do Coro's dinner exists of a 4-course meal along with a dessert buffet. Advance booking is required for dinner.

The sauna and jacuzzi offer the possibility to warm up after a refreshing dive in the pool, which is surrounded by lounge tents providing extra shade. Along the hill, there is also a deck that is great to relax on when the weather's nice.

Almeida and Castelo Mendo, historic villages in the area, are just over a 1-hour drive from the property. Free parking is available.

Casa do Coro Luxury
Casas Coro Marialva
Casas do Coro
Coro Casas Luxury
Coro Casas
Luxury Casas do Coro
Marialva Casas do Coro
Pool Casas do Coro
Portugal Coro Casas

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