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It’s been 19 years now, Portugal Deluxe, Lda. is a well stablished and highly recognized company assisting a continuous and leading consolidation in the North American market.

Leaders in luxury travel in Portugal, we are proudly recognized as the pioneers of the luxury personalized experiences in the niche market of food & wine and Jewish heritage in our country.

  • 1. Unrivalled expertise
    Ultimate luxury travel begins with an expert. They eliminate the worry and stress of planning every detail, so you spend more time dreaming, travelling and making memories. Portugal deluxe has selected the best hotel in its class, the finest rooms and the superior views. We personally review all of our properties, activity providers, and destinations to bring you the very best.
  • 2. Personalized attention & Drivers Assistance
    Portugal Deluxe will create the comforts of home wherever you choose to go. We provide luxury accommodation and services crafted to your most personal desires and dreams.
  • 3. Phenomenal guide
    Tour with experienced English-speaking drivers and guides, who are experts in the past and the present. Portugal Deluxe guides will ensure that every option is considered, that common pitfalls and long lines are avoided, and that the best local resources are made available.
  • 4. Enriching Food & Wine Experiences
    With Portugal Deluxe, gain a more intimate knowledge of Portuguese traditions through private cooking lessons and guided tours of local markets. Learn the art of wine from wine experts. Sample hearty port wines at a premium package tasting.
  • 5. Inspiring Jewish heritage, Culture, Art & History Itineraries
    Hire a guide to go behind the scenes and bring history to life among the many displays.With our team, take advantage of the unrivaled access, special connections, and destination savvy.

    With us, get to connect with the authenticity, charm and character of the off the beaten path tracks.
  • 6. Valuable extras just for Portugal Deluxe guests
    Thanks to our experience and relationships, we have access to hundreds of special offers and pack-ages, including free hotel nights, room upgrades, complimentary meals, spa treatments, and more.
  • 7. Exceptional customer support throughout your trip
    Portugal Deluxe continues to provide support during your vacation and are available 24/7 to help with last-minute arrangements, such as extending your stay or visiting another place.
  • Mário Sacramento (1951-2009)
    Mário Sacramento (1951-2009)

    This is a tribute to our dearly remembered Mário, the founder of Portugal Deluxe. Born in Vila Real, in the conservative Northern region of Portugal, he was brought up an enthusiastic World travel citizen. On the business since 1986, first in Brazil and then in Portugal Mario was a passionate and dedicated leader.

    Preferred Hotel Vila Joya

    Preferred City Belmonte

    Not to miss in Portugal Bet Eliahu Synagogue

    Projects in life Move to Brazil

    Hobbies Travel, Read and walk Neo his beloved dog

  • Alexandra Machado
    Alexandra Machado
    CEO & Co-Founder

    The “Alex” is the heart of the company. Born in Corsica, France, she spent the first years of her life between France and Portugal. She has a degree on Tourism Management. With a former Classic Ballet background, discipline, dedication and sensitiveness are mandatory in every task. She handles all the VIP and the Thematic and Incentive Groups. After finishing her graduation, Alex started working with Mario Sacramento when he decided to run Portugal Deluxe in 2003. She is responsible for the conception of innovative programs, discover unspoiled spots, and authentic experiences, inspecting and evaluating suppliers’ performance, negotiating agreements, determine services and suppliers to be promoted, and set prices and credit terms, based on forecasts of customer demand. Further to this, you will meet her on sales calls proudly promoting Portugal and our services.

    Preferred Hotel Six Senses Douro Valley

    Preferred City Sintra

    Not to miss in Portugal Dressage Lesson

    Projects in life Be Happy

    Hobbies Travel, Read, Cinema, Swim, Run and Yoga

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  • Alice Bompastor
    Alice Bompastor
    Administrative Services Manager

    Preferred Hotel Vidago Palace Hotel

    Preferred City Vila do Conde

    Not to miss in Portugal Lisbon, The Capital

    Projects in life PHD in Environmental Management

    Hobbies Sport, Cinema, Art, Travel and Music

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  • Julieta Jesus
    Julieta Jesus
    Senior Travel Advisor

    Julieta is the youngest member of the team. Born and raised in Porto, she is graduated in Tourism Management. Extremely focused and organized Julieta is a restless young soul. Volunteer on charity organization she is curious and sensitive and easily understands clients’ needs and aspiration. Proud National Rowing Champion.

    Preferred Hotel The Yeatman

    Preferred City Porto

    Not to miss in Portugal Douro Valley Vintage Yacht cruise

    Projects in life Succeed

    Hobbies Cinema, Read, Family and Friends

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  • Ralph & Lauren
    Ralph & Lauren
    Mental Health Support

    Being part of the family for 5 years, Ralph and Lauren, the cats, play relevant support on our mental balance during peak season. They love to eat, sleep, play and have an urgent need to be pet all the time a human is close. You talk, they purr!

“The trip was great and they did like Portugal a lot! The guide Olga was great very knowledgeable, she knows the country in all the aspects. The driver Paolo also was very good, professional and polite, speaks English very good. They liked very much the Gyulbenkyan museum! And Sintra as well, and they were happy that they have the possibility to go there the second time. Monastery in Tomar is tremendous! ”

Mr. Fedorove, Moscow, Russia, January 2022

“Lisbon is my new favorite city. I would love to go back and explore Portugal more. It's walkable, great public transport and the sights are amazing and the people are so friendly. And of course because we travel via our stomachs, the food & wine was amazing. The tour guide Maria was fantastic. Super knowledgeable. And Carlos was a great driver. The trip around Lisbon was great to get our bearings. The museum was A+. I think that in the future we would rather take the museum at our own pace. We each have our own interests and often split up to view different art. The trip to Sinestra and the coast was so awesome! I would love to go back and bike some of the parks. ”

Mr. and Mrs. Randall, New York, USA, January 2022

“I can’t speak highly enough about the guides, drivers, and hotels arranged. (...) The guides were extremely well versed, spoke English perfectly, and were easy to be around. Thanks for all your help with this wonderful trip! We’ve thoroughly enjoyed our time in Portugal!”

Mr. & Mrs. Askanase, Texas, USA, October 2019

“Six Senses finest property we have ever stayed at. Car and driver service professional, courteous and efficient. Highly recommend! DOC restaurant should have Michelin star. Portugal has much history, stunning geography and wonderful people.”

Anonymous, Chicago, USA, September 2019

“We enjoyed every sight and thoroughly loved our escort and driver. She is very competent, accommodating, fabulous driver and fun to be with. Would recommend her highly. Fátima, Óbidos and fabulous lunch there all so very memorable.”

Dr. & Mrs. Swistak, Washington, USA, September 2019

“Fantastic! Everything from the guides, drivers, hotels and itinerary were perfect. We were taken care of from the moment we got off the plane to our departure. Itinerary was right on - days of touring and days of relaxation. Loved every moment!”

Mr. & Mrs. Senner, Chicago, USA, September 2019

“We are back and it was great! I know we worked hard on this itinerary but it paid off. Everyone had an amazing time. Portugal Deluxe created a really nice itinerary and it worked out very well. The guides and drivers were really good. Thanks for all your help on this!!!”

Mrs. Krinick, New York, USA, September 2019

“We absolutely loved Portugal as a country and a family destination! (...) I would certainly market Portugal to our American Jewish heritage clients. (...) Portugal Deluxe service was extremely prompt, professional and helpful! Thank you again for helping to make this a wonderful family experience for us.”

Mrs. Blustin, London, UK, August 2019

“Our trip to Portugal was nothing other than MAGNIFICENT! (…) The people are charming and everything went off beautifully. (…) You have gotten us totally spoiled and this type of travel is what we wish to do from this point on. We loved every minute. Obrigada for everything you did for us!”

Mrs. Blankenship, Florida, USA, July 2019

“We had a wonderful time and cannot thank you all enough! All of the guides were fantastic and the drivers really went out of their way to make us comfortable. Thank you once again.”

Mrs. Caravela, New Jersey, USA, July 2019

“Really excellent experience! Hotels great selection. Service guides personable, knowledgeable and friendly. Drivers perfect punctual, friendly and quite knowledgeable as well. Boat ride on Douro River was very memorable!”

Dr. Simon & Mr. Brusa, Chicago, USA, June 2019

“Mrs. Reuben LOVED the lunch on the boat in the Douro Valley!!! She had the best day touring out of Lisbon so all around a super trip. Thanks again for all your help & making me look like a star.”

Mrs. Myerson, California, USA, June 2019

“In all, we were very happy with the itinerary you created. Our guides and our drivers were very competent. We enjoyed each of the properties you chose for us, as well as the experiences. Thank you for putting the trip together on such short notice.”

Mrs. Foggle, Connecticut, USA, June 2019

“Many thanks for a wonderful and memorable trip!!! We loved our drivers in Porto and Lisbon, all our guides and everything that was planned. Unforgettable!”

Mrs. Quinlan, New York, USA, June 2019

“We wanted to thank you for an AMAZING trip and adventure. The boutique hotels we stayed are places we’ll NEVER forget! Along with all the wonderful guides. We can’t wait for the next trip.”

Mr. Johnson, Texas, USA, June 2019

“We highly recommend Portugal Deluxe. Guides and drivers were top notch and made our sightseeing so much more enjoyable. (…) Very well educated and informative. (…) There was so much history and beauty and the hotels were divine. We were treated so well.”

Mrs. Wilson, Texas, USA, May 2019

“We are back from our Portuguese excursion and we had a great time. Portugal Deluxe did a great job. They were very helpful. (...) Thanks again for all of the help you gave us on our wonderful trip.”

Mr. Wilson, Texas, USA, May 2019

“This trip has been wonderful. All of the activities have been great and we loved all the guides and drivers. (…) Portugal is one of the best places we have ever been and we appreciate you arranging a perfect visit. (…) I would not hesitate to book a trip with you again.”

Mrs. Decker, Florida, USA, May 2019

“All of us were very impressed with your company, recommendations, professionalism of the drivers & guides. (…) There was nothing we wanted to omit from our itinerary. (…) We are so delighted with our wonderful memories of Portugal and will definitely be recommending your company.”

Mrs. Lewis, Oregon, USA, May 2019

“Drivers were wonderful! (…) Guides were all very nice and professional. Truly engaging and wonderful story tellers! Boat ride in Lisbon was beautiful and fun! This was a lovely way to see the city. DM Winery was the highlight of our trip! Thank you so very much for everything!”

Mrs. Broner, New York, USA, May 2019

“Thank you for a lovely trip to Portugal, all the arrangements you made were top notch and your drivers/guides were wonderful and professional. Thanks for all your help.”

Mr. Augerinos, South Carolina, USA, March 2019

“Great trip and today was just wonderful. All drivers and guides have been excellent — knowledgable, courteous, and helpful. Their professionalism added greatly to the enjoyment of the trip.”

Mr. Hooker, California, USA, October 2018

“We had a wonderful experience with the tour guide. I would go back and would be delighted to tour again with her. (…) She made the history come alive and even the kids learned a lot and were engaged. I can’t imagine anyone not loving her. The synagogue tour was excellent. Thank you!!”

Mrs. Meidar, United Kingdom, October 2018

“We had a most wonderful experience. Seriously, it was amazing. Portugal, the services you set up, the accommodations, and especially the staff throughout our tour were far beyond expectations. Much thanks for a vacation we will never forget.”

Mr. Sawyers, San Francisco, USA, October 2018

“I have worked with Portugal Deluxe several times to create amazing itineraries for my VIP clients. They take my outlines and suggest wonderful hotels, restaurants, tours and experiences that make me look like a rock star! (…) I highly recommend partnering with Portugal Deluxe!”

Mrs. Powers, Arizona, USA, October 2018

“The cooking show and lunch was fabulous! Everyone enjoyed a wonderful time. The Chef and the service for lunch were truly excellent.”

Mrs. Fryer, California, USA, July 2018

“My clients were very impressed with your guide and the plans you made for them in Portugal. They are still talking about your famous dessert! (…) Thank you for you all your time and efforts!”

Mrs. Gover, Florida, USA, July 2018

“I just wanted to say thank you for helping us plan such an incredible trip. (…) Portugal Deluxe was excellent as well! The kids were able to make connections at every single one of the places we visited. The treasure hunt at the Garden was one of their top favorites!”

Mr. Stevens & Mrs. Larragoity, Florida, USA, July 2018

“Trip was fantastic ! The drivers were excellent, polite, punctual and knowledgeable, as were the tour guides. The hotels were great ! (…) The lunch food recommendations were great too. (…) Nice job with the planning. (...) Very easy country to travel in. People were so nice.”

Mr. & Mrs. Lichtenstein, Georgia, USA, June 2018

“Thank you for putting it together so last minute. They really loved the guides, flexibility and visiting your lovely country. Our clients can be very demanding, but it's why we are able to do what we do for these special clients, so thank you for working with us. Until the next adventure!”

Mr. Albanese, California, USA , May 2018

“My wife and I had a wonderful time. I want to compliment the great planning, well thought through itinerary, most of all the excellent guides and drivers. They made the experience delightful. (…) Please give them our thanks. Thank you for the wonderful vacation.”

Dr. Eide, New York, USA, May 2018

“Thank you for all the fine work you did for us on our Portugal adventure. We had a wonderful time and fell in love with your fabulous country. I would not hesitate to recommend you.”

Mrs. Holleman, Washington, DC, USA, May 2018

“I can’t thank you enough for all of your expertise and enthusiasm in helping to make our Portugal adventure so wonderful! The trip far exceeded our expectations! We were constantly amazed at how flawless each day was. (…) Portugal Deluxe was a great choice! (…) It was a smooth, interesting and delightful trip!”

Bearer Party, California, USA, April 2018

“The trip was delightful.....Guide and driver were both knowledgeable, friendly, and fun. The excursions selected were perfect for our needs and we thoroughly enjoyed our trip to Sintra.”

Mrs. Campenni, USA, November 2017

“Portugal Deluxe pays great and detailed attention to our clients. They actually reach out pre- and post-trip to make sure everything is in order. Very impressive!”

Mr. Goodrich, USA, November 2017

“Portugal Deluxe impeccably managed a 10 day tour and cruise for 12 clients. Quality hotels, transportation, and especially our guide all contributed to a great trip. The inevitable surprises were handled without missing a beat. Traveling Alans Way will be a repeat client for Portugal Deluxe.”

Mr. Clark, Florida, USA, November 2017

“Our trip with Portugal Deluxe was absolutely perfect. Maria was a wonderful host, friendly and well informed, and answered all of our questions. The boat ride and visit to the Estate were fantastic too. It's such a special place. Thank you again for planning a perfect last day for us.”

Mrs. Judkins, USA, October 2017

“The Tours you all arrangeded were memorable and we all enjoyed our time. can't wait to recommend Portugal Deluxe to others.”

Mrs. Ravkind, USA, August 2017

“My client had nothing but positive things to say about her time in Portugal and really enjoyed all the services. Thank you for making my job easier! I look forward to working with you again and will certainly recommend you to my office colleagues as well. Until next time, Obrigado!”

Mr. Laksmana, California, USA, June 2017

“My clients said the trip was perfect. Thank you so much for your kind attention to our clients.”

Mr. Abraham, New York, USA, April 2017

“(…)The details were covered, and people felt it was the right balance between organized tour and group time versus individual time. The arrangements were the top end, and everyone appreciated it. Congratulations on the arranging the best spring retreat the Section has had to date.”

Mr. Polenberg, Florida, USA, April 2017

“I thank you ever so much to all involved in making this a such a successful experience for this group! They all had a wonderful time! Thank you Portugal Deluxe.”

Mrs. Rupelli, USA, April 2017

“Client had a wonderful experience with Portugal Deluxe. Great hotels, guides, itinerary. The agent revised the itinerary several times to bring the cost in line with the passengers budget. Well planned and executed trip.”

Mrs. Jensen, USA , February 2017

“Just want to thank you so much for your incredibly and gracious hospitality during our recent trip to Portugal. Tiago and Rui were both fabulous drivers and our 2 guides, Claudia & Cristina were also excellent. All of your recommendations were great as well!!”

Mrs. Stein, USA, July 2016

“Beautiful country, great restaurants, very friendly people. We will certainly recommend your company to anyone planning a visit to Portugal.”

Mrs. Raborn, USA, July 2016

“Please know that our vacation was wonderful! Portugal exceeded our expectations in every respect! The people, the history, the wine and the weather were all fantastic. I would recommend your country and Portugal Deluxe without hesitation.”

Mr. & Mrs. Wallace, USA, June 2016

“The whole experience was exceptional from beginning to end and our expectations were fully met and often exceeded. All the drivers and guides were charming, helpful people and we could not have enjoyed our vacation more.”

Mr. Price-Francis, USA, May 2016

“Our time in Portugal was fabulous. The Six Senses hotel was top notch - as fine a hotel as anywhere we have stayed. Our driver was perfect - Friendly, knowledgeable and attentive. We also enjoyed our trips to the wineries! (…) Highly recommended!”

Mrs. Mannino, USA, November 2015

“Everything exceeded our expectations. Everyone we worked with and every place we stayed were excellent! Highly recommended Portugal Deluxe, Alex & staff.”

Mr. & Mrs. Royston, USA, September 2015

“We absolutely LOVED both hotels. (…) Our tours were also great. (…) Our guides were very personable and knowledgeable. The wine tour and tasting were also fun, especially the cooking demonstration.”

Mr. & Mrs. Hasten, USA, September 2015

“Enjoyed the variety & styles of the different Quintas we visited. Tiago provided above expectation service. Thank you, all arrangements were excellent, fabulous trip. Loved our time in Portugal!”

Mr. & Mrs. Snover, USA, September 2015

“We have had such a wonderful time & found such amazing people along the way. Thank you for such a great trip.”

Mr. & Mrs. Royston, USA, September 2015

“Our trip was a resounding success.”

Mr. & Mrs. Kimmel, USA, August 2015

“The glimpse of Portugal was perfect for our honeymoon. (…) From cheese making to Michelin-star rated restaurants, city night life in Lisbon to Port wine tasting in Porto, it was truly a wonderful trip that we will not forget! Thank you, Alex and Portugal Deluxe!”

Mr. Lubin & Mrs. Williams, USA, July 2015

“Nothing to complain about, on the contrary everything was wonderful. Suggestion? Keep it up.”

Mr. & Mrs. Pinheiro dos Santos, Brazil, June 2015

“Our guide was wonderful and did a great job, we all enjoyed her very much! The driver was also very nice and the van perfect for us. It was a day to remember the lunch was very good and we all enjoyed. (…)I want to thank you for ALL you did to make our stay in Lisbon wonderful.”

Mrs. Cox, USA, May 2015

“I wanted to share the wonderful feedback that my clients sent regarding your guides and recommendations. Please make sure these guides know what an excellent job they did, and always do! Thank You so much for taking such great care of my special clients! Looking forward to working with you again soon!”

Mrs. Girek, USA, April 2015

“Client just returned and said this was one of the best excursions they have ever had.”

Mrs. Crosby, USA, April 2014

“We had a splendid time and you did a wonderful job putting our trip together. We loved the hotels, guides, food, bus and driver, wine, the brochures, etc. The people on the trip want me to do all my trips like this one!!”

Mrs. Sudler, USA, March 2014

“We are grateful to you and your team for all the arrangements. The hotel was perfect and the guides were great!”

Mr. & Mrs. Johnson, USA, February 2014

“We had such a lively time in Portugal. Alexandra and Ana were 5 star service!”

Mrs. Wilder, Boston, USA, January 2014

“A tremendous thank you for making our trip such an enjoyable experience. (…) You have an absolutely beautiful country and each of the people we met during our time there made us want to come back again. The images that we took, electronically and in our memories, will not fade soon.”

Mr. Bouldin, USA, September 2013

“Enjoyed our visits. Guides and drivers were excellent.”

Mr. Bench, August 2013

“Everything was outstanding. Portugal is a majestic country and we will definitely return. Douro Valley brought tears to our eyes – we were overwhelmed! Our driver was professional, always on time, friendly and informative! Maria was great as our expert guide. Hotels, restaurants and staff were all exceptional. Thank you!”

Mr. Vukovich & Mrs. Jordan, July 2013

“We had a great time in Portugal. We will definitely be returning in the future to spend more time. We will recommend your company to all of our friends. Everyone was helpful, especially our drivers. Thanks for everything.”

Mr. Anthony, June 2013

“Loved our time here. Your country is wonderful as are the people. Great food, great wine. The guides were great and the drivers were outstanding!! We can’t wait to return.”

Mr. & Mrs. Beiner, May 2013

“The trip has been fantastic. The hotel in Évora was wonderful, great wines and excellent car service. Thank you!”

Mr. Damle, April 2013

“Wonderful wine/food experiences – especially with local families. They were a high point! Very Knowledgeable guides. Comfortable vehicles. We will recommend your services! Hope to return soon.”

Mr. & Mrs. Wood, April 2013

“What a fantastic experience! You were absolutely incredible. We had the time of our lives, the professionalism and attention to detail by all was always noted. (…) You have truly made our 25th wedding anniversary a very happy and remembering one. Once again, many thanks.”

Mr. Ricardo & Mrs. Debbie

“Our trip was OUTSTANDING! Your country and people are wonderful. I will be recommending Portugal and you to our friends. I want to thank you and all the drivers and guides for a job well done. Thank you for making our Honeymoon a memory we will cherish for a lifetime.”

Mr. McAvoy, October 2012

“Everything was perfect! Thank you.”

Mr. Meli, September 2012

“We just got back from the wonderful trip that you planned for us. It couldn’t have been better, and the planning was meticulous. Thank you very much for your help and your consummate professionalism. A special note to our two drivers and our tour guides. They just could not have been better.”

Mr. Shapira, September 2012

“The 3 days in Lisbon were so incredibly deluxe and well executed that we wanted to adopt our guides and driver. We fell in love with Portugal-the Portuguese are such gracious people and there is beauty everywhere. That touring company did a great job for you and took the finest care of us.”

Kraut, August 2012

“Just wanted to say thanks for all your work to help make our trip so wonderful.”

Mrs. Albo, July 2012

“Thank you for the arrangements and recommendations for Porto which were near on perfect. I will not hesitate to utilize or recommend your services again. One final thank you to our driver who was truly superb with us.”

Mr. Caldwell, October 2011

“Many thanks for all the arrangements. We had a wonderful experience throughout, with some lasting longer than planned or anticipated. The friendliness and hospitality was warmly appreciated and this was a truly memorable celebration.”

Mrs. Goodwin, July 2012

“Our trip was, by far, THE best vacation we have ever taken! Everything was perfect, and when there were some complications, you were right there to correct the situation. (…) Our drivers were truly exceptional. There is probably thousands of moments we would love to recreate, but I really need to send this to you so that you know how much we LOVED our vacation in Portugal.”

E J Heinzer, October 2011

“We enjoyed our recent trip very much. ”

John K. Johnson, September 2011

“We LOVED our trip with you! Our driver was fantastic, as was our guide in Lisbon—couldn’t say enough good about either one of them! We loved everything you arranged, the hotels, the meals, the yacht—everything. ”

Czekaj family, August 2011

“EVERYTHING was amazing!! We really enjoyed your country and we’ll be back. ”

Terry Oremland, July 2011

“We really enjoyed Lisbon and our tour very much. The service in our hotel was excellent. Highlight were the cheese makers – lovely people! Also the lunch at the winery and cooking lesson with Fernando Martinez. Our guided were all great + we enjoyed the sites. Learned a lot! Thank you, Alexandra and Portugal Deluxe. For everything!! ”

Ray Barrette, July 2011

“We loved everything about the Douro Valley and Porto, especially Tiago’s great driving and guiding as well as each of our visits to the Quinta’s! Both of the hotels had wonderful views and appointments…..Thank you! ”

Jim & Joanne McDowell, June 2011

“Everything wonderful and efficient, with excellent personable drivers and guide. No complains – we loved our trip to Portugal! ”

Ann Duncan, June 2011

“We LOVED everything about Portugal and Madeira. We have traveled quite a bit in our lives and consider the hotels in Portugal some of the best we have ever visited. Our driver was terrific as were all of our guides. The Rabelo boat ride with the wine guide was a highlight of our trip. All in all, the trip was extremely well planned and we had a great time. The people in Portugal couldn't be nicer and the food is great. ”

Evan Thalenberg , June 2011

“Wonderful driving and service. Pleasant, informative and enthusiastic. The courtesy and hospitality was word class. ”

Scott Miers, May 2011

“The cooking lesson was excellent as was our driver. Well done! ”

Tom O’Neil , May 2011

“Very nice! Thank you. ”

Step McCouk , May 2011

“We had a fantastic trip. Our 25th wedding anniversary was celebrated in style. Your itinerary and attentions to personal detail was wonderful. We will never forget you and this beautiful country. ”

Ricardo Pina, April 2011

“I would absolutely recommend Portugal as a “must see”! Our driver was a perfect complement to our excursion. A knowledgeable gentleman, a reflection of your beautiful country. I will return. ”

John P., April 2011

“Our visit to Portugal was a wonderful experience. The hotel, selections, various wine tasting and river cruise were all exceptional choices. And driver did an interesting job, pleasant and professional. Tour guides were perfect. We would highly recommend your arrangement to others. Thank you for a pleasant experience. The Doc restaurant was over the top. Best meal ever!! Our accommodations at the Vintage House were magnificent, beautiful views. ”

John and Lisa Clauser, April 2011

“The tour of Sintra and Queluz was fantastic and our guide, was exceptional. Our driver and he, too was extremely professional. We would not hesitate to recommend this touring company. ”

Grossman, April 2011

“Outstanding Trip. Lunch and wines tasting were excellent. Most importantly the driver and guide were exceptional.”

B. Fipp , November 2010

“Everything was great. I enjoyed the city, the hotel, the tour and especially the drive into the Douro Valley and the excellent driver. ”

M. Jackson , November 2010

“Great tour very organized loved it! ”

Carme Goldstein, November 2010

“Amazing experience! Thank you for everything!”

Dean S., November 2010

“The Algarve was amazing! Our favorite was the cooking lesson. We made a traditional Cataplana dish with the executive chef. We also had dinner at the Michelin restaurant and it was beyond exquisite!! Probably the best dining experience we have ever had. I really like all the pools the resort had, and I loved that we had a private area outside with a hammock. I think I liked this resort the best of all the placed we stayed. ”

Lauren Pfeffer, October 2010

“We had a wonderful and memorable trip. Everything was organized perfectly for our interests, our drivers and guides were warm and delightful. We love Portugal and we will return!”

Karen Katz and Daniel Shklair , October 2010

“Hi Ana, I just got off the phone with Marci and she had an "extraordinary trip". When I asked her what the highlights were she had to say that the entire trip was the highlight. Where she originally didn't want to do the cooking class - she had a Fantastic time and is so happy that she did - again she said it was magnificent. Everything you put together was perfect - all went perfect!! The accommodations, guides, drivers fabulous. Thank you so much for all your hard work and please extend my thanks to all of your vendors! ”

Cindy Olsen @ Orinda Travel about Marci Jenkins , October 2010

“Everything was perfect! We felt very welcomed and enjoyed the food, the wine and most of all the people.”

Karen Katz and Daniel Shklair , October 2010

“Your organization was perfect. Your choice of hotel in Évora was superb. The guide who took us around Évora is most highly recommended. The visit to the farm on Wednesday gave us an opportunity not only to see something beautiful, but to see an industry and people we would not encounter. The guide and tour of Lisbon was also superb. Everyone was flexible outgoing and friendly. The drivers were most obliging and the vehicles most comfortable. All your organization was great and I will recommend you most strongly to anyone who is going to Portugal. ”

Joseph Schatzker, July 2010

“Excellent service and has been an amazing journey for us…. The highlight for us was the private cooking lesson with the chef – wonderful! ”

Janet R., July 2010

“Wonderful!!! ”

Rose Rasmussen , July 2010

“We had a wonderful day. The driver was very pleasant and informative. ”

Mark & Amanda Reiner, July 2010

“Excellent hotel, excellent driver, excellent guides and overall excellent service. Thank you!”

Robert J. Cornish , June 2010

“Everything was wonderful. ”

W. Grimes, June 2010

“Will highly recommend can't wait to return as destination. Thank you so much, Alexandra e Ana. Love the port tasting!”

Jeri Lee Amstutz and Paul Richard Hamilton, May 2010

“Everyone who worked with me was very good. I was entirely pleased with the guides and drivers. ”

J. L. Edmondson , April 2010

“Excellent service. Thanks for everything. The driver was very nice and helpful. ”

Lauren & Kyle Stuart, March 2010

“We had a fabulous trip. The Quintas in the Douro Valley were very friendly and interesting. Our driver was excellent. He spoke very good English and was always on time…… Thank you for memorable trip! • | 25 November 2009 ”

Jill & Gerard Boerger, November 2009

“Excellent service. Great places to visit! ”

John & Lydia Smith, November 2009

“Outstanding tour. I can’t wait to come back!!! Ana – Thank you for everything and great countryside itinerary of Porto and the Douro. ”

Frederick & Sharon Klein, October 2009

“The driver and city tour guide were very professional and efficient. Thanks to their knowledge of the country and their patience in responding to our questions we were able to learn a great idea about Porto and Portugal. We look forward to a return visit.”

Joseph and Linda Rothman , October 2009

“Our driver was very knowledgeable and pleasant – mostly all on time! He made our trip to Portugal in more ways then just as transportation but as a way to understand the culture and to see Portugal though the eyes of the people. Thank you so much!””

Ed & Sharon Jenks, August 2009

“Loved everything. The tour was perfect and we hope to return to Portugal and spend more time.”

Amy Skamusky , June 2009

“We look forward to returning to Portugal (and using your services again!)”

Amy Skamusky , June 2009

“Great Country – great card and driver. ”

Gayle Ebey, June 2009

“ “Excellent guide & driver. Much more to see and do in Porto than I expected.” • | 22 May 2009 ”

D. Hess, May 2009

“A wonderful country and I will tell all my friends to visit beautiful Portugal.”

Lorraine Whitehurst, May 2009

“Beautiful and well planed! We enjoyed your beautiful Porto and we are looking forward to visit Lisbon. ”

Calisto Cazano, April 2009

“Everything was wonderful. Very flexible and pleasant guides. Enjoyed sights and had enough time at all of them. Loved Portugal – would recommend guides and itinerary to friends! ”

Joann Glick, April 2009

“Excellent trip with great hotels and great food. ”

Scott Kammer, October 2008

“Excellent car service – well spoken, considerate and responsive to our changing needs. ”

Robert White, October 2008

“We had a great time and thank you for everything we shall be back. ”

Jonathan & Ashley H., September 2008

“All was great! Thank you. ”

B. Nasre, September 2008

“Everything was wonderful. Our guide made the trip memorable.”

Larry Berglund , August 2008

“The trip was fantastic. No Complaints. ”

Gavin Fine, August 2008

“All visitors should have the fortunate enough to have their travel arrangements come together as the magical way only Portugal Deluxe manages. Our driver and our guide were A+! ”

Ana Byrne, March 2008

“No complaints. Drivers were excellent (punctual, informative and well informed). Guides were interesting and also very pleasant.”

Judie Carson, March 2008

“Portugal/ Lisboa wonderful place to visit will definitely visit again. ”

Vikki Kirby , December 2007

“While visiting the cities of Lisbon, Óbidos and Sintra, our driver was a perfect host, his English is perfect and he is very well informed on Portugal. Your company should be proud to have him represent you. ”

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Townsend, November 2007

“Very professional. We will return. ”

Ronald Wilwerding, November 2007

“We have no complaints. This has been a wonderful experience. Our driver, made everything so easy for us, he’s a wonderful driver too. Our guides were outstanding and so well informed. Thank you for making this trip so memorable for us. We would love to return.”

Richard and Marjorie Nelson , November 2007

“I wish I had more time!! Porto is wonderful. ”

Claire Estaine, October 2007

“No complaints at all. Driver was very nice, fluent in English, most kind. Everything took place as planned and was well organized.”

Anna Maria Ots, October 2007

“Great tour!! Enjoyed it immensely. ”

Paul Maynze , June 2007

“The entire tour was a wonderful introduction to the wine regions & wines of Portugal! We learned so much. The Douro River region was beautiful! Seeing the vineyard from the boat ride on the river gave us an interesting perspective on the land also. Overall, we have only good memories of Portugal to bring back to the USA! Thank you very much for such an excellent & diversified tour!”

Richard & Patricia Cook , May 2007

“Upon arrival to an unknown country, my family was very anxious as to what Portugal had to offer. Our nervous tension was immediately put to side when we met our driver and arrived at Lapa Palace. The attention to detail and position directions from our original itinerary was a healthy change. A + rating. ”

John & Isabel Adams, May 2007

“We had such a nice time in your “tiny” country. Our guides were great and our driver was excellent, safe, fun and very helpful. We fell in love with Portugal.”

Brenda Scott , February 2007

“We loved your tiny country and we shall recommend our friends to come in the future! ”

Jason Sze, October 2006

““The trip was fabulous – Thank you much for planning such a wonderful itinerary for us. We look forward to coming back again! And we particularly loved the area around Porto. (Thank you also for the wine in the room).” • | 14 September 2006 ”

H. Huber, September 2006

“Everything was perfect! Thank you. ”

Richard Barrazotto, July 2006

“We had a wonderful time. Thank you so much. ”

Marianna Sackler, June 2006

“Everything was perfect including weather. All wineries we visit this trip they were kind and nice. We enjoy very much. We want come back again. We are very lucky to pick Portugal Deluxe.”

Kenj and Rie , May 2006

“Fabulous tour of Porto. Could not have had a better and more educational tour. Great memories. Thank you. ”

Ronald Cowden, May 2006

“Wonderful to see coastline and beaches. Driver provided greats background information about each site visited as well as general information about Portugal.”

Mary Ann Stein , April 2006

“Porto tour was excellent – Our expert guide and driver were very most accommodating. Régua and Pinhão trip and vineyards very interesting. Portugal is a very good destination. ”

Richard Barrazotto , January 2006

“Hotels were very good, quite friendly and our rooms were just what we requested. We really enjoyed Portugal and the diverse climate and food and important sites of each region. I felt we received a history lesson. The driver’s English was very good, and he was knowledgeable, informative, friendly, respectful and fun and safe driver. ”

Joan & Bill A.

“My wife and I were much enjoyed and completely satisfied your service. Our driver was very nice and professional. I was amazed the people whom we met at wineries are all owner themselves and everybody so kind. Without your arrangement, we couldn’t have such a great experience. Thank you again for your service. With Regards. ”

Kenji Otsubo

“Thank you for a wonderful tour! Muito Obrigada! ”


“You helped us falling in love with Portugal. You thought of everything. Every detail was perfect. ”

Sarah Freedman & Andrew W.