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Príncipe Real is without a doubt the most aristocratic and cosmopolitan neighbourhood in Lisbon. It’s in this quarter, where the contrast between the historical side of the city with its ancient buildings and antiquaries, and the contemporary Lisbon bustling with modern shops and trendy restaurants is more evident. The hotel naturally blends into this scenario, in perfect harmony with the past and the present, standing high in a privileged location.

The hotel access is made through a narrow street, a small tunnel that leads to a secret sightseeing spot with breathtaking views over the city. It’s in this quiet square that the hotel is located, almost levitating at the top of the hill with panoramic views over the heart of Lisbon.

The suspended building is linked to that square. This continuity is made through the limestone flooring that is a constant presence outside and inside of the hotel, a premium stone used during ages in the construction of historical buildings, royal palaces and famous squares throughout the city of Lisbon.

Inside of the hotel, the entrance is overlooked by the royal prince D. Pedro V himself, represented in a big oil painting by the artist Barahona Possollo that balances with the timeless and contemporary architectural style of the hotel.

Exclusive pieces designed by the architect live side by side with other classic vintage furniture, that together with the sublime and contemporary paintings by Miguel Branco and a special piece of Iva Viana make the interior design of the hotel so special and unique.

Classification 5 Star

Theme | Type Boutique, Charm

Location Lisbon

Position Centrally located

Distance from Airport 4,9 Miles (Lisbon International Airport)