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Adventure on a 4,3 miles hiking tour during an estimated period of 2h to 3h.

This hike passes an ancient aqueduct, in the shape of a tunnel, around 50m long. From here, the trail crosses several impressive aqueducts that used to supply an ancient Alcohol Factory and nowadays supplies water to a municipality.

You will reach a particular point of interest, a vertical wall, rich in water springs, where it is possible to spot Newts (Triturus cristatus) in different stages of their life cycle (aquatic larva, juvenile/eft and adult). Take the opportunity to appreciate the beauty of this place and to regain energy!

Along this trail, enjoy the beautiful views over the island.

Lunch (not included) at a local restaurant which serves the famous beef steak prepared with Azorean beef, known for its fantastic quality and flavour. The best of Azorean cuisine!

Length of Tour: 6 to 7 Hours

Style of Travel: Private Tour

Tour: Janela do Inferno, São Miguel, Azores

What's Included: Private Hike Tour