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One of the most recognized The Leading Hotels of the World for its outstanding service and unique scenery. This palace, built in the late nineteenth century, is an ode to various important moments of the French style. It offers a palatial experience in a city whose origins are lost in time, but the Romans named it Happiness, thus predicting the state of mind that your stay will put you in.

Climb up to Alto de Santo Amaro, among leafy tree canopies and silhouettes of palatial houses, until you reach the entrance to the Pestana Palace Lisboa, which is every bit as solemn and luxurious as its name suggests. A palace that oscillates between solemnity and ostentation and whose gardens evoke all the lifeblood of the equator and origin of the fortune that allowed the construction of the Palace. A magnificent example of a landscape garden, it combines symmetry with fantasy, a result that evokes a taste that is both French and picturesque, full of gaps, pavilions and grottoes, as it leads to the swimming pool. As theycreate a natural barrier to the urban environment, when strolling in these gardens you get an intimate and contemplative experience, almost causing you to forget that you’re in the midst of one of the most interesting and original capitals of Europe.

To prolong this magical and almost detached from reality experience, visit the Pestana Magic Spa, named the Best Luxury Hotel Spa in Portugal by World Luxury Spa Awards 2014. A building perfectly integrated in the gardens, welcomes you with a Zen aura of tranquility that only intensifies your feeling of wellbeing. Take a dive in the indoor pool and relax on the sun loungers overlooking the garden.

The Pestana Palace Lisboa is also the most noble and elegant venue in the city for memorable events. The old stables, located in the small palace in front of the palace, with several lounges, have a unique and sophisticated environment, ideal to become the scenery of your party or dream event. With the palatial surroundings and environmental sophistication, all events will be absolutely memorable.

Classification 5 Star

Location Lisbon

Theme | Type Palace

Position Center Surroundings

Distance from Airport 7,2 Miles (Lisbon International Airport)

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