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After three intense years of total dedication, fully involved in every possible detail and research work, both in interior design and in the selection of materials, decorative pieces, fabrics, original furniture and paintings, they finally achieved in each of the 10 existing Suites an unique own entity.

The lobby of M Maison Pariculière is a mix of different styles and eras, decorated with objects that reflect the life experience and culture of its owners.

An old basement, now adapted into a refined breakfast room, where hand-painted walls with unusual colours and vertical stripes meet a 3.8 meters high ceiling, lined in fabrics in Berber tent style.

Integrated in a nineteenth century tile panel, from the Portuguese urban architecture of the Romantic period, a Moroccan spout and a granite bowl crafted by hand, add a touch of originality and charm to the buxus garden.

Classification 4 Star

Location Porto

Theme| Type Boutique

Position City Center

Distance from Airport 13,3 Miles (Porto International Airport)