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This means you can get the most out of your stay in Lisbon, combining relaxation and well-being with the best of the cosmopolitan vibe.

The Hotel wants you to enjoy an outstanding experience in an ecologically sustainable venue. Bearing this in mind, hotel has implemented a policy of sustainability throughout every aspect of the project, from environmentally friendly building materials to the restricted use of paper and sustainable food concepts and much, much more.

Are you inspired by everything around you? If so, you will recognise another sign of the hotel’s commitment to environmental preservation in the use of the ancient principles of Feng Shui, creating an atmosphere of harmony between man and his environment.

On the other hand, the hotel has also combined nature and technology in order to provide its guests a place of relaxation and well-being that can also be a point of contact/connection and the catalyst for exciting events.

All in all, an inspiring atmosphere capable of awakening your senses and stimulating sensations, fomenting creativity and productivity or simply an invitation to kick back and relax... we look forward to seeing you soon.

Classification 4 Star

Location Lisbon

Theme | Type Urban Hotel

Position City Center

Distance from Airport 4,5 Miles (Lisbon International Airport)

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