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Your sidecar driver will take you on a charming vintage motorcycle with the look of Second World War but with all the modern safety features of a XXI century motorcycle and room for two each.

The rhythm is slow-paced with a lot of conversation, historical facts, curiosities and stops to enjoy the views.

The tour ends at the only wine lodge in Gaia with natural light inside and with a water stream running in its interior. During your tour will pass by the historical warehouse still with secret corners to be found. The atmosphere of a place and the personality of a brand will carry you into another historical journey. By the river, next to Luiz I Bridge, breath the perfume of Port Wine and enjoy a lectured wine tasting. 

Length of Tour: 4 Hours

Style of Travel: Private Tour

Tour: Porto

What's Included: Private Sidecar Tour and Premium Wine Tasting (as per itinerary)