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Your journey will be introduced with a private guided tour to the newest of the British-owned Port companies, founded in 1981 by Johnny Graham. Currently positioned in the industry as a high quality boutique Port and Douro Wine Company, Churchill'sspecialize in premium Port and Douro Wine categories. You will be invited to a private lectured premium wine tasting session with some of their best wines.

Follows a stop at the leading producer of quality Port company. The supreme quality benchmark set by these wines is present throughout the entire Graham's range of Ports. The keynotes of the Graham house style are exceptional concentration and power, opulent richness, great poise and elegance as well as remarkable longevity. Enjoy a private lectured VIP wine tasting.

For lunch we suggest a highly recommended restaurant born out of a wish to reflect the specific terroir of our wines, combined with the international and cosmopolitan flavour of Portuguese cuisine.

The day culminate with a private guided visit to one of the oldest of the founding Port houses, Taylors wine lodge. Be treated with a lectured wine tasting session with a top selection of wines, including Chip Dry, Late Bottled Vintage, 20-year-old Tawny, Taylor's 2009 Vintage and Scion Port paired with almonds and water.

Travel Type City Stays, Wine Tasting, Day Trips

Length of Tour (6-8H)

Interests Wine Tasting, Wine Logdes, Food and Wine

Location Porto